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04:57:58 PM 09/02/16 by Skill Flea
I work at a gas station in rural Pennsylvania. It's a boring job, but it's pretty easy and it pays all right. A few weeks ago, this new guy started; I'll call him Jeremy.

Jeremy is weird. He's about 25 or 26, and he hardly speaks, but he's got the creepiest laugh I've ever heard. My boss and I have both noticed this, but it's never been a problem, so there's not much we can do about it. Customers have never complained about him, and he's always done his job fairly well. Up until a few weeks ago, anyway—that's when things started going missing. Employee theft can be a problem at any business that sells consumer goods, and there's only one person working at a time at this gas station (it's a pretty small place). About two weeks ago, my boss started noticing that we were short on motor oil. At first, ...

04:56:41 PM 09/02/16 by Skill Flea
Have you ever had an experience that suggested someone else was in your house, and just thought “I don’t wanna know” and left it? Sometimes, fear of the unknown just seems like the preferable option than facing a real, concrete danger. Normally it’s nothing, though. One time, the beeper function of my wireless housephone went off, when I was the only one home. It could only be called from the living room. Another time, I swear someone took some change from my desk. They’re all probably just slightly disconcerting tricks of the memory.

But what would you do when something truly suggestive happens? Would you run, or just ignore it, like I did?

Last Monday was a normal day. I got up, brushed my teeth, changed into school clothes… All little parts of my morning ritual. It seemed like it woul...

02:25:05 PM 08/02/16 by Skill Flea
I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, here... so if you believe in haunted "Lost Episode" legends and enjoy living in that world, maybe this isn't the post for you.

Don't get me wrong - I hate when people complain about "lack of realism" in entertainment, and I think all kids need to believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy for as long as possible, but... this is different.

Back in the 80s I met this dude, Sid, who used to cut old VHS tapes and shit. It was more than a hobby for him - it was pretty much his entire life. His parents were a bit more wealthy than I'd been blessed with, so when we were teenagers and I was slaving away at a "Skats" (Yes, Skats) fast food restaurant, he just hung out around the house, cutting tapes. All day. All night.

Of course, as you get older thing...

02:47:11 PM 07/28/16 by Lonely Kek the Dae Dae Bird
In recent light of events, I have decided to tell my story. I shall stay anonymous because I do not want to end up like the last person that told there tale.

It was the year 1992 and I was 8 years old. Me and my mom stood along the gates of a park titled in golden yellow lettering the magical words "Disneyland."

As I walked through the doors the warm, summer air filled my nostrils and the bright ball of light known as the sun touched my young, smooth skin.

My mother held my hand as the day went on and on. Ride after Ride, the day went on as normal.

But, as time drew away I noticed more of what the last author called "gascots."

They were these child-like figures that had plain clothes as if their clothes were from decades before and the most defining feat...

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