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        My father wasn't in my life for long, not to say he left, simply that he passed while I was still young. The memories I do have of the man are fond, he was a kind man, never really getting physical or using harsh words. The most I can recall was a quick and stern "stop that" with an explination as to why I shouldn't do something.
   When he passed, not many of  his personal belongings where left to remember him by. The odd picture here and there, being replaced over time with different memories. All that remained was a few nice clothes, in hopes I'd grow into them. His baseball glove that we'd play cat...
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The Stickermen
Posted by Abysmii.
    My name is Celeste, and I would like to share with you a story about my husband.  Maybe you all can help me.  We live in a small town in Vermont, an hour outside of Burlington.  Last year, in the first week of January, a Stickerman appeared on our lawn.

     I know that name sounds silly, and it certainly is, but it does require some brief explanation.  Even before I was born, our town had the tradition of creating slightly non-traditional snowmen.  They possess the typical three orb body and head, but instead of just sticks for arms, sticks and twigs would be placed in random and poignant places; ...
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The Choir
Posted by Panic_Comics.
So this is where we post stories? Kk, lemme give it a whirl

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 I’m always very hesitate when it comes to making friends, especially with co-workers. There’s just something about it that seems completely unnatural.

You initially make friends with the other children that you live near but as you grow up, you generally leave those childhood friends behind for new ones. Usually it’s people that have similar interests and hobbies. In certain environments and communities, people will even come together over similar beliefs, creeds, pop-culture preferences, and in some cases, race and gender identity. From the most conservative white-collar worker to the shadiest stree...
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I sat alone in the dark room, staring at it. Its beauty consumed my mind. I could not take my eyes off of it.

In front of me was the statue of an angel reaching out to me. I could only see it because of the moonlight shining from a hole in the roof, but that was not the only source of light.

In its hand was a crystal sphere, with an image of countless stars within it, beauty unlike anything I had ever seen.

I saw the stars collide, I saw them explode into blinding light and I saw how they were pulled into black holes. I believe it was showing me the universe.

But in...
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Seeking your comments & critique!

If you're American and have parents in the baby boomer age range, you've probably been exposed to the Peanuts at least once in your lifetime. Good old Charlie Brown, who was and still is, the poster boy for Butt Monkey. Everything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong times ten for ol' Chuck. Such a comic could only be created by someone with some personal experience regarding bad luck.

Evidence for this can be found in David Michaelis's book, "Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography" which goes into detail about how Schulz would talk about childhood bullies from long ago in the present te...
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Author's Note: This is supposed to be serious and 'helpful' advice written in response to a NoSleep-style  story, something along the lines of 'I Found A Chucacabra On My Farm and Now I Wish I Hadn't' All grammatical and spelling mistakes are intentional, even the ones that aren't.

Answer From: ShotgunBillyBob
It sounds like you have a problem with some Mange Hounds, least that’s what we call’em around here (yeah, their closer to coyotes , but we still call them Hounds.) We get them every few years ourselves here in Alabama. Their related to the Mexican caprivore sanguine, but they aren’t a...

I have spent thirty years in Burningham, here everyone is haunted by something. Sometimes I’m questioning what I’m doing with my life: should I leave and look for a new change of scenery, or should I stay and try to get my life back together? My parents were retired doctors and were in great shape for people in their sixties. They died recently.When I found out I didn’t eat or sleep for a few days. They were on their way to Italy for vacation. An hour into their flight, the plane crashed over the Adriatic Sea, and everyone on board died. The media ran stories that the ...
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Am a guard at the Area 51 base, and everything is insane outside, let me explain from the beginning, when the fb kids created this “storm area 51” event on Facebook,  we didn’t believed  they were going to come, and really I thought not even they believed they were going to come either, but still they groups and event were monitored because they brought a lot of attention to this base. And being an actual military base, we at least must check for the gossip about it. After a few weeks the groups got bigger and bigger and some of the people began to write and express in a way that felt like they were really into t...
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Posted by Person Mc Realhuman.
(So I don't really know if its OK to post the same story to multiple boards, so if it isn't tell me and ill take this down.)

“Let's review what happened yesterday, and see if we can put the pieces back together”

Letting out a slow yawn, I start to wake up.

“No, I'm pretty sure I'm you from five minutes ago.”

Something felt off, I thought to myself

“Why do you feel strange?”

Rolling down the stairs, I land face first onto the  concrete.

Slowly, I open my eyes.

“You sure?”

“I feel strange”

My eyes drifte...
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