Suggestion: Can someone please restock the cards for the Suggestion box, thank you

Suggestion: It’s going to be Lily’s Birthday in a couple of weeks I think we should do something special for it.

Suggestion: I think we need to replace the Coffee Machine it’s not working anymore

Suggestion: Ignore my last card it’s working again

Suggestion: Whoever is knocking down the trash can you please stop it’s not funny it’s just annoying

Suggestion: Can someone please replace the ink for the printer, thank you

Suggestion: Jason has been acting aggressive lat...
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My love for you is like a cup of tea, filling you with pleasant warmth.

My love for you is like a faithful dog, always by your side.

My love for you is like a sapling, growing with every second of every day.

My love for you is like the vastness of space, never ending and without limits.

My love for you is like a crutch,  there for you to support yourself with.

My love for you is like an art gallery, full of interesting pieces for you to discover, if you just gave it a chance.

My love for you is like a good song, something to get lost in.
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“Let's review what happened yesterday, and see if we can put the pieces back together”

Letting out a slow yawn, I start to wake up.

“No, I'm pretty sure I'm you from five minutes ago.”

Something felt off, I thought to myself

“Why do you feel strange?”

Rolling down the stairs, I land face first onto the  concrete.

Slowly, I open my eyes.

“You sure?”

“I feel strange”

My eyes drifted to the alarm clock, and I did a double take.

“Okay, let's try that. Not like we have much to lose.”

I spring out ...
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I want you to understand something.

All of my friends cut themselves and I hated it. I hugged them, I cried with them, I took the time to understand their pain and helped many of their scars heal, as well as, prevented new ones.

I did this all while I lived a life of fear. And I never told them, because they didn’t need to know. They didn’t need more pain, more reasons to cut.

Two of my closest friends were addicted to cutting themselves and they knew it, they talked about the release, to them it was their chance to feel SOMETHING when they felt nothing, and it felt so good. I’d d...
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Ah, the snow. How delicate and unique each flake of the cold, white substance can be. The children will dash through it, flinging it left and right among each other. They will lay down and stretch their arms and legs in all directions, attempting to create a beautiful angel for all to see. Then, of course, there are others who build snowmen, their laughter filling the frosty air as they partake in a multitude of holiday activities. How I envied those who enjoyed the Christmas Spirit. I had never actually... seen such festivities occur. Rather, I would hear about them through tales my father would tell of the...
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