I hung around the bedroom with nothing to do. The ceiling fan blades rotated slowly knocking around bits of cat fur that remained in the room. Now that I had consumed the cat, there was nothing to play with anymore. I heard the front door of Michael’s upstairs apartment open and giggling. It was late. Not an odd time for a sacrifice, but the giggling was different.

Michael let the witch into the bedroom. I could read the energy off her, and she had a hint of a magical background. Michael’s body language was different with her. They were both acting coy. She was playing with her blue hair. He was tou...
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I’ve experienced a lot of abuse from people in my life. Most of the abuse happened when I was a child and it caused me to hallucinate, adding to my child brain’s belief in ghosts.

I was still learning the alphabet when my stepfather was hurting my mother and myself. I was once held by my foot with my body in the air, then he slammed my head into the ground. Events like this happened nearly weekly. I remember hiding with my mother in her room, putting furniture in front of the door and him slamming his body against it until he tired himself out and left the house. I remember hiding under couches and ot...
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Remember how you are not supposed to play those little games you find on the Internets? Well this one came from the dark web; said you could see a shadow of a higher plane or something like that. I just had to try this shit. And it required some arts and crafts.

First I had to make a doll. The instructions said how I made the doll did not matter as long as it had arms and a face. I chose to make one out of a clothespin I bought off the Internet. Thankfully, a friend of mine had the paints for the face. I bought another doll from a thrift store and took its clothing (don’t judge me) and f...
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I used to be able to make the Fata go away.

If nobody here knows what that means, good, that’s normal. I just wanted to get your attention. I’ve got a story to share, and a favor to ask.

I remember everything about the first day I was followed. Even the little stuff, like how the wind kept tickling the back of my neck. After rubbing at my neck repeatedly, I raked my nails across it. The pain drowned out the itch.

That wasn’t smart. But I had other things on my mind.

It was the third time that week my mom had forgotten to pick me up from middle school, and didn’t answer ...
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The kids are alright.

He walked through the dark graveyard quickly. It was cold and spooky if you were scared of that kind of thing but it was a shortcut that saved him ten minutes of walking time so through the graveyard he went.  He stopped by a big tree to take a pee.

Johnathon suddenly heard a little voice.

"Watcha doin'?"  He turned his head round to see a little boy of around four or five years old.
"So what ARE you doing?"  the boy asked again. He was tiny and frail looking, white blonde hair and big blue eyes that almost looked too big for his head.
"Who are yo...
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