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02:25:05 PM 08/02/16 by Skill Flea
I don't want to burst anyone's bubble, here... so if you believe in haunted "Lost Episode" legends and enjoy living in that world, maybe this isn't the post for you.

Don't get me wrong - I hate when people complain about "lack of realism" in entertainment, and I think all kids need to believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy for as long as possible, but... this is different.

Back in the 80s I met this dude, Sid, who used to cut old VHS tapes and shit. It was more than a hobby for him - it was pretty much his entire life. His parents were a bit more wealthy than I'd been blessed with, so when we were teenagers and I was slaving away at a "Skats" (Yes, Skats) fast food restaurant, he just hung out around the house, cutting tapes. All day. All night.

Of course, as you get older thing...

02:47:11 PM 07/28/16 by DAE (Silent Bob)
In recent light of events, I have decided to tell my story. I shall stay anonymous because I do not want to end up like the last person that told there tale.

It was the year 1992 and I was 8 years old. Me and my mom stood along the gates of a park titled in golden yellow lettering the magical words "Disneyland."

As I walked through the doors the warm, summer air filled my nostrils and the bright ball of light known as the sun touched my young, smooth skin.

My mother held my hand as the day went on and on. Ride after Ride, the day went on as normal.

But, as time drew away I noticed more of what the last author called "gascots."

They were these child-like figures that had plain clothes as if their clothes were from decades before and the most defining feat...

05:26:45 PM 06/26/16 by Skill Flea
About a year ago I frequented one of those sites where people post a variety of funny pictures, videos and all kinds of stupid internet memes. I didn't do much after school besides sitting on my computer wasting time back then. Sometimes I would browse the newest uploads section of the site looking for pictures that might give me quick laugh or smile. My internet connection was slow and laggy so I always skipped over posts of videos, being too impatient to wait for any of them to buffer just to see some thirty second clip of a guy getting hit in the crotch or whatever, but there was this one time I made an exception. I spotted a video titled, “Radio host prank called,” which quickly captured my interest. I figured something like that was worth waiting a minute or so to watch.

The video clip turned ...

01:46:53 PM 05/08/16 by DAE (Silent Bob)
[Audio Tape Begin]

Have you ever been told not to talk to strangers? Yeah, I’ve been told that a lot and I was a very stupid kid around that time. I let myself wallow into the arms of a stranger, but I’ll tell you the story.

It was a bright, sunny September day in the year of 1994. I was alone on the front yard of my parent’s house and I was aimlessly walking around, playing with my toys like any regular kid would do. But then, there was man who walked past my house. I watched him for a moment.

He didn't have any hair, as far as I know. He wore little clothing, not being completely nude but he walked around. It seemed like he had nowhere else to go and that he did not even know where to go.

He scared me for a bit because he made eye contact with me for ...

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