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I sat alone in the dark room, staring at it. Its beauty consumed my mind. I could not take my eyes off of it.

In front of me was the statue of an angel reaching out to me. I could only see it because of the moonlight shining from a hole in the roof, but that was not the only source of light.

In its hand was a crystal sphere, with an image of countless stars within it, beauty unlike anything I had ever seen.

I saw the stars collide, I saw them explode into blinding light and I saw how they were pulled into black holes. I believe it was showing me the universe.

But in...
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So, for the last couple of years, I'd been using a Samsung Convoy flip phone, I kinda had to, living out in the desert, like I did. But after getting a place in town, FINALLY my phone upgrade came up, I was able to get a good discount on a Moto DROID RZR Max and I could finally run the app that my friends and the internet had been going on about for months.
My little brother even bragged about having met girls while using the app. That's right not just fun and an excuse to be active, what I was hearing equated to playing Pokemon Go provides potential possilities for promiscuous perambulation.
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I found this letter sealed in an envelope, along with a USB drive tucked away in the closet of the house I recently moved into, I don't know what to make of it, so I posted it here (along with the contents of the drive).

Mr. Johnson,

Where to begin, I was born in the 1990s, loved RPG style video games, and adored anime. So, it makes sense that I would like the game franchise known as Pokemon, It's a very interesting concept that around its time wasn't utilized in other games all that often. I started off with the Pokemon Ruby in 2004 when my brother and I traded games for a w...
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Childhood memories

Willhaben is a neologism due to being the fusion of the German words ‘will’ and ‘haben’ meaning ‘want’ and ‘have’ respectively. The website of the same name is the Austrian equivalent of sites like Craigslist that work as a hub for people to sell belongings for which they don’t have any use anymore or to look for jobs.
Everything happening on Craigslist has a certain flair of sketchiness to it due to the archaic Web 2.0 design, Willhaben on the other hand uses a sleek and intuitive baby blue UI. More akin to sites like eBay (which also isn’t a thing in Austria) the site uses mo...
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Suggestion: Can someone please restock the cards for the Suggestion box, thank you

Suggestion: It’s going to be Lily’s Birthday in a couple of weeks I think we should do something special for it.

Suggestion: I think we need to replace the Coffee Machine it’s not working anymore

Suggestion: Ignore my last card it’s working again

Suggestion: Whoever is knocking down the trash can you please stop it’s not funny it’s just annoying

Suggestion: Can someone please replace the ink for the printer, thank you

Suggestion: Jason has been acting aggressive lat...
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Seeking your comments & critique!
I have spent thirty years in Burningham, here everyone is haunted by something. Sometimes I’m questioning what I’m doing with my life: should I leave and look for a new change of scenery, or should I stay and try to get my life back together? My parents were retired doctors and were in great shape for people in their sixties. They died recently.When I found out I didn’t eat or sleep for a few days. They were on their way to Italy for vacation. An hour into their flight, the plane crashed over the Adriatic Sea, and everyone on board died. The media ran stories that the ...
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Am a guard at the Area 51 base, and everything is insane outside, let me explain from the beginning, when the fb kids created this “storm area 51” event on Facebook,  we didn’t believed  they were going to come, and really I thought not even they believed they were going to come either, but still they groups and event were monitored because they brought a lot of attention to this base. And being an actual military base, we at least must check for the gossip about it. After a few weeks the groups got bigger and bigger and some of the people began to write and express in a way that felt like they were really into t...
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(So I don't really know if its OK to post the same story to multiple boards, so if it isn't tell me and ill take this down.)

“Let's review what happened yesterday, and see if we can put the pieces back together”

Letting out a slow yawn, I start to wake up.

“No, I'm pretty sure I'm you from five minutes ago.”

Something felt off, I thought to myself

“Why do you feel strange?”

Rolling down the stairs, I land face first onto the  concrete.

Slowly, I open my eyes.

“You sure?”

“I feel strange”

My eyes drifte...
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My cousin was kinda a weird guy, I didn't see much of him despite living roughly in the same town. He had always lived out on a farm outside the city limits, but still in the same general area. Despite his awkward behavior, probably brought on by living so far from most people; he was a good person. He was also a damn good taxidermist, and I mean a damn good one.
He picked up the hobby from going hunting with his father and learning to stuff and mount bucks as trophies. He picked up the skill fast, my uncle was proud of him. I was damn proud of him, my cousin was an artist when it came to stuffing animals. T...
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This is a piece i've had written for a while and been overly critical on myself. People have read it and  never get actual constructive feedback from them,  just praise and asking for more. So I thought who better than to help me out on ways to improve than folks who write and enjoy the genre. Thanks ahead of time, even if you just read it.


A flash of brilliant red and porcelain white, illuminated by the moon’s light that trickled through the maze of branches in the canopy above. That's all she was as she ran along the winding dirt trail. Her heart pounded in her chest as she ducked and ...
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