Clichepasta. The video game version.
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Posted by Lyca on: 06:33 AM, 04/12/17
I woke in an an unfamiliar bed. The room smelled musky and looked like a 1970s hotel room.

There was a flashlight on the old bedside table that stood next to my bed.

I got up and realised how short I was.

I picked up the flashlight and knew immediately I should conserve the batteries.

A noise in my head made me turn to the side.

YOU WILL DIE SCREAMING was written in drippy blood on the wall.

Eeek, I thought. I'd better get the hell out of here.

On the way out of the room I banged into something that wasn't there and walked through a table that was there.

I walked through several corridors that looked the same and then realised I should start checking doors.

Most of the doors had toilets in them even though I didn't need to poop which was lucky because I couldn't see any toilet roll.

I heard the sound of a baby crying and I didn't care.

A shadowy figure of a woman stood at the end of the corridor I was walking down. It moaned as it glided towards me.

I ran back the way I came and into my old room stopping briefly to pick up two sets of spare batteries.

The writing on the wall now said

SHE WANTS REVENGE in fresh drippy blood.

The baby started crying again. I still didn't care. I decided to check my room and saw a note that said:

Several years ago Agatha Butterface Jones stayed at this hotel and died and now she wants revenge. You need to collect toilet rolls and find the exit before the crying baby eats your soul

I didn't read it.

I thought "fuck this shit" and went out of the door again and down the same corridors. This time I didn't go in any of the toilets.

I saw the same shadowy figure at the end of the same corridor. She glided towards me with a tortured moan. I threw my spare batteries at her. They went right through her and she didn't even say Ow. She just glided on towards me. I tried to hit her with my flashlight and that didn't work either. I turned to run and it was too late.

Everything went black.

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