Fixing Meesa and breaking all the walls.
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Posted by Lyca on: 06:31 AM, 04/18/17
Oh I said when I realised everyone was looking up at me.

Urm.. hai.. I gave an embarrassed little wave.

Not gonna lie, I felt ever so slightly awkward..

Woah.. woah woah woah woah WOAHHH...!!!one!!!!  said Eddie making frantic time out signs with his hands.

How the fuck are we looking up at you? he asked.

Are you a giant omnipotent face in the sky or something? are you in the basement roof? or what?

I resented his tone and gave him pursed lips and a side eye all at once.

It's not like it matters I replied as flippantly as I could. This is a CrappyPasta, and I don't have to explain shit. Hell I don't even have to use speech marks or proper punctuation.

She's got a point Jerry said and he shrugged slightly and nodded to Ben who nodded back in agreement.

Anyway yousa made missa sound likein missa just to make a bombad funny-funny da wasn t even funny inda first place and da s no fair. Meesa screeched and everyone apart from Eddie winced.

Will you fix her? Mason asked.

Meesa gave him a scowl and side eye that was way more impressive than mine.

How? I asked..

I was getting kinda distracted by the television. It was still on and playing soft static but I swear I could hear the sound of a baby crying and a woman moaning as well.

Just write that Meesa's voice suddenly became normal offered Jerry..

Sorry, no can do I replied. You have to come up with something good. Continuity is important to me. I'm gonna be posting this on a forum and my reputation as a writer matters to me..

Meanwhile Lather Face was staring at his pizza cutter like he was hypnotized by it. He was running the little wheel up and down his right thumb making a lot of little cuts.

I'm over this he said. I'm off out to kill people. If anyone wants me just follow the screams.

And with that Lather Face left the basement.

Jerry said: Look if continuity is sooo important to your "great" story then how about this.. I listened but I didn't appreciate the air quotes he made with his fingers as he said the word "great"

"Even though NASA had changed their password after Ben's last hack he was easily able to hack right back in as he was an expert haX0r. He quickly found the new password using his Spider and a TS Grinder. He connected NASA to Audacity and a profile of Kelly Le Brock to Meesa and then pressed enter. Suddenly Meesa's voice was fixed.."

Well I could easily hack into NASA again said Ben. It's true that I am an expert.

and it must be annoy hav to type into a missa translator every time missa speak.. said Meesa.

I had to admit, That WAS getting annoying. Especially as I had to keep the stupid Jar Jar translator tab open all the time while I wrote..

Fine.. I said with a somewhat dismissive tone.. Whatever. It's not like I care that much about any of you anyway...

I had better things to do with my time than worry about this crap to be honest.

So yeah. Ben hacked into NASA again and that's how they fixed Meesa's voice. Blah blah blahhh etc etc x-fuckin'cetera..

She decided to keep the name Meesa though.

Can we go out now? Mason asked If we hurry we can catch Lather Face. He was stroking his machete as he said that and everyone looked a little disconcerted.

With that Meesa flicked her fingers and suddenly Ben and Jerry were sharp dressed men. They each linked one of Meesa's arms and headed for the door. Mason and Eddie followed and no-one looked back at the TV which was unfortunate.

A single drop of blood appeared from nowhere and dribbled slowly and purposefully down the screen.

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