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on: 06:31 AM, 03/ 1/17
Ben, Jerry and Meesa all looked up at the same time.

They saw three faces peering through the tiny window close to the ceiling of Ben's musky basement.

One of the faces was all burned up and gross, one face was all covered in dried soap that looked like a hard immovable mask and the last face was hidden behind a mask type thingy, sort of like (but not actually, for copyright purposes) a hockey mask.

The three faces disappeared and seconds later there was a knock at the basement door.

After noticing Meesa, Mason quickly left the window and went to knock on the door. Eddie and Lather Face followed.

Ben answered the door and the guys shoved their way in without even being invited.

Hey, you're the guy that cut our throats Jerry said, staring accusingly at Lather Face who was still brandishing his pizza cutter.

He hid it quickly behind his back.

I didn't do it, he said. Of course Ben and Jerry knew he was lying.

Well at least you're still not dead said Eddie trying his best to be helpful.

Actually, we are, corrected Jerry. If you didn't notice, we're zombies.

Oh... ermmmm mumbled Eddie somewhat embarrassed. Well at least you'll get girlfriends now, after all, chicks dig zombies..

YOU'RE THINKING OF VAMPIRES said Ben and Jerry in unison.

So you guys eat brains? Mason asked.

Ew no Ben replied, that's just gross shit they make up in the movies.

Want to come out and kill people with us? Lather Face asked.

Actual weesa about go out for a night onda town Meesa screeched.

Yousa re welcome to join us she added, staring directly at Mason who'd been staring directly at her the whole time.

Mason stepped back in horror at the sound of her voice.

He had no words. It was truly terrible.

How come you sound like Jar Jar? asked Eddie, and he laughed because he found the whole thing funny.

Isa his fault Meesa said pointing at Jerry, He putin a missa picture inda scanner.

Actually, Jerry said, pointing. It's HER fault...

It was then I noticed he was pointing right at me.

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