Strange Science Stuff
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Posted by Lyca on: 08:08 PM, 02/ 7/17
Strange Science Stuff

Ben woke up five minutes before Jerry. They both had sore throats which was hardly surprising seeing as they'd both had their necks sliced with a pizza cutter in the last story.

Wow, that Toxic Waste sure saved us said Ben when he noticed they'd both got the Toxic Waste on their hands right before they died.

It sure did said Jerry.

Do you think we will get girlfriends now? asked Ben after all, Chicks dig zombies.

Nah, you're thinking of Vampires replied Jerry with a slight shrug.

The guys decided that rather than making everyone zombies and saving two girls, they would make their own girl instead because that would make the most sense.

They went to Ben's house because he had a better computer and the basement actually had good WiFi.

Jerry started to cut out pictures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alice from Resident Evil while Ben was busy hacking into NASA.

They put bras on their heads and turned on the computer and put all the pictures into the scanner.

The computer made a lot of loud bleepy computer noises. Random trees fell down here and there for no apparent reason and I'm pretty sure there was also some freaky shit going on at NASA as well.

The basement door glowed and pulsated and suddenly exploded in a million tiny pieces of cheap wood chip.

Then.... through the shiny glow the girl appeared..

She was perfect, just perfect...

Woah, what shall we call her? asked Jerry. Let her pick her own name said Ben.

They glanced up at her. She was still stood in the doorway looking perfect.

"Yousa made me, my name is Meeeeesa" she screeched in the most hideously annoying voice the boys had ever heard in their lives.

It was then that Ben noticed.... When Jerry had put the picture of Buffy in the scanner there was a picture of Jar Jar on the other side of the page....