The thing in our cellar
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Posted by Lyca on: 05:28 PM, 11/ 7/18
Not sure this is appropriate for here as it's a poem and not a story. It's most definitely crappy though. One of the first things I ever wrote in my early teens. It was an entry for the school magazine. I remember getting into a lot of trouble for handing it in and no they didn't publish it. Wankers.

~The thing in our cellar~

Down in our cellar there's a horrible thing.
Every morning at six it starts to sing.
It's voice is awful-we block up our ears,
it's been in our cellar for years and years.
The thing in our cellar will rip off your head,
and chomp on your skull until you are dead.
The thing in our cellars got animal like jaws,
and huge pointed teeth and razor sharp claws.
The thing in our cellar will rip you to pieces.
The thing in our cellar has lots of diseases.
Its heads all rotten and covered in mould
that's eaten its ears-so its deaf, but I'm told...
it doesn't need ears, it can track you by smell.
I think its crawled out from the bowels of hell.
The thing in our cellar stinks like a bin of dead cats.
Can you hear the scared cellar rats?
But, wait! What is that splintering noise?
That heavy breathing?, growling voice?
The dank smell of death seeps up our stairs.
We're locked in the bathroom saying our prayers.
A screechy scratching sound on our bathroom door,
as the wood caves in we see a rotted yellow claw.
Maybe it's hungry, We should have fed it, I think.
Into our flesh its teeth will sink.
And now, though in body and flesh we are gone,
In Spirit with our cellar friend we exist as one