There were these three guys
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Posted by Lyca on: 05:55 AM, 01/16/17
Once upon a time there were these three guys. One was called Mason one was called Eddie and one was called John. One night they decided to order pizza. Mason and Eddie waited for the pizza and John went to wash up as he was kinda stanky. John got soap in his eyes and started screaming like a baby. He ran downstairs screaming for help but Mason was busy cutting his pizza with a machete and Eddie who was watching a shitty show on SyFy had gotten so bored he'd fallen asleep face first in his pizza and burned his face off and died.

HALP HALP screamed John. Mason looked up and said Ha ha you have soap all over your face I'm gonna call you lather face from now on. Lather Face was so mad he dint even eat his pizza instead he said he was going out to kill teens. Mason said that sounded like fun but he was worried about being recognised so he put on a mask type thing sort of like a hockey mask and took his machete that still had melted cheese on it and went to slice some teens like they were pepperoni.

They killed several horny high school girls and their boyfriends. They killed a couple of nerds who dint deserve to die but they shouldv ran faster. Mason sliced up the old hobo that lived in the alley behind Starbucks while Lather Face offed two hapless young soldiers who were about to spill a tub of glowy toxic waste in the local water supply (thus ruining my next story before it even begins)

The cops shot Mason a few times but he just was fine. Lather Face got clean away.

Totally tuckered out from all that slicing and dicing the guys went home and straight to bed.

Eddie said Ha ha did you forget about me? He was all pizza faced and burned and he killed them both as they slept.

The End

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