They're baa-ackk
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Posted by Lyca on: 06:36 PM, 02/14/17
They're baa-ackk

The energy from Ben's computer filled the air. It went through the walls and into the house next door where Mason, Lather face and Eddie had lived. They were all dead. Mason and Lather Face were dead in their beds. Mason was still wearing his mask type thingy, sort of like a hockey mask, his machete tightly wrapped around the dead fingers of his left hand. The soap on Lather Face had dried into a hard immovable crust, covering his entire face forever and ever, his pizza cutter was tucked safely under his pillow like a tooth. Eddie was still sat on the couch slumped forwards with his face in a now cold pizza. He was all dead and pizza faced and burned, his dirty red and green striped cardigan had bits of melted cheese stuck to it. The TV was still on but now it was just playing static and if there was anyone else around to listen to it they would have heard the too spooky voices coming from that very same static.

The electricity crackled and streaked through the floor and jolted life back into the guys. They all woke up at the same time.

Wow, that was strange said Eddie. Mason didn't reply. He was too busy trying to act tough and surly. Lather Face was still salty about the soap in his eyes even though it didn't hurt so much any more, also they were both still mad at Eddie for killing them the night before.

Cheer up you two, it's not as if we're still dead Eddie said, Friends?

Okay they said, Now lets go outside and investigate the source of all this bizarre life giving computer energy.

The guys went outside. Everything seemed to be coming from next door. They peered into the front window and saw the house was in darkness.

It was then that Mason noticed a light shining from the tiny window in the basement. They looked through the little window and saw two guys. One was kind of tall and scrawny looking. He was wearing full army gear and a little cape made of tin foil. The other guy was kind of short and tubby with a saggy butt. He was wearing tight little shorts that didn't fit properly, tennis socks and jesus sandals and a dirty string vest. They both had bras on their heads.

Stood between the two young guys was a woman.

Wow.., Mason said. Who's she?

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.