Author Topic: You wake up one day without your nipples  (Read 2671 times)

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You wake up one day and go into the bathroom.

You wipe the sand from your eyes and look in the mirror.

You notice that your nipples are completely gone.

You run downstairs with tears in your eyes.

You approach the kitchen and see your mom with tears in her eyes.

You see her surrounded by police officers both far and near.

You can see a dead body in the kitchen.

You can make out his face and collapse in a heap.

You know this corpse was the father you seek whom had died last night while you were asleep.

You feel an officer's hand on your shoulder.

You cry harder, not able to cope with this day any longer.

You see the officers take your father away,

You know they may find his killer but who can say?

You sit down with your mother as she begins to explain.

"You were born without nipples and your father was ashamed."

"You would be sleeping in bed and he would come into your room."

"You were given two hickeys every night on your chest."

"You must know that he loved you and only wanted for you to fit in."

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on: 09:13 AM, 01/18/17
That's both funny and horrific at the same time...

On a side note I used to have a third nipple.. I didn't even know what it was. I thought it was a mole and went to the doctors to get it removed.. doc was like, lol, that's actually an extra nipple.. (he actually did lol for real)