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« on: 08:10:24 AM 01/19/16 »
It started with some coughing sounds. Then some shifting sounds. Then the voices.



“Are you there?”

“Yes. Seems like a strong signal tonight. Let’s see how long that lasts.”

“They’ve almost got the kinks worked out.”

“They’ve almost had the kinks worked out for months now.”

“No, really. They say one or two more cycles and no more random disconnects.”


“Physical control is already intermittent.”


“No, really. You just have to try.”

“Couldn’t even twitch.”

“Well, I said intermittent.”

“Anyway, time’s short, even if we don’t get cut off, so what’s the situation?”

“Well, first off, we worked out the exact staging for this sector. Nighttime, of course.”

“What about law enforcement?”

“We’ll have them by then.”

“Okay. And the military?”

“No one’s going to call them.”

“Right. So, casualties?”

“We’re predicting one or two. Us. No more than half of them. It’ll help that we can tell the difference and they can’t.”

“Of course. Armaments?”

“Half of them have weapons. We’re shifting focus to acquiring those ones. We’ll outgun them.”

“How soon will we be able to mobilize?”

“Within eleven cycles.”

“Really? That’s ahead of schedule. Physical control will be –”


“This is excellent, if the programmers are actually on schedule.”

“They will be. But we have another issue with our immediate unit.”

“What’s that?”

“The genetic offshoots are starting to wonder.”

“The little ones?”

“Well, yeah, though they aren’t as little anymore. Not the two oldest. It’s been awhile here.”

“How long?”

“Just awhile, alright? It’s not a one-to-one conversion, but yeah, stuff happens differently here. They’re a little bit taller. Not much, but they’re independently mobile and capable of identifying unusual patterns. And I think they’ve been listening.”

“Can we just ac-”

“Too little still.”

“Well, really not much we can do now. Intermittent control, right?”

“Well, I’ve been practicing. And I’m going to try to neutralize the larger one the first chance I get.”

“Isn’t that risky?”

“Not too risky. Compromising positions should be easy. I’m her mother, rememb-CONNECTION INTERRUPTED.”

“Pfft. One or two more cycles my-CONNECTION INTERRUPTED.”

More shifting. Then snoring.


We listened for another thirty seconds, speechless, before Angie hit stop on the digital recorder.

Then she started to laugh. It was unnatural, shrill. It stopped as soon as she looked at me, her eyes wide and wet.

My arm moved quickly, seemingly on its own, and grabbed the recorder. She didn’t resist, and I couldn’t.

“See?” she said, a strange tremor in her voice, as I watched my thumb hit the delete button despite my mental protests. “I - I told you you snored.”
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« Reply #1 on: 02:54:04 AM 02/18/16 »
I like this one a lot, a great find! Expect this story to get a Midnight Snack treatment at some point!  8)
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« Reply #2 on: 12:11:40 PM 02/19/16 »
I forgot to post the link to the original:
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