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on: 04:33:17 PM 05/27/16

  Hi my name is David Balog and i'm currently a reporter for the D.C newspaper and i'd like to share my story on the superstitious area called "Raspy Hill".

This 'Hill' as you call it isn't a hill at all it's mostly just a old plain with dead grass and a small mound is at the center of this plain as i mean small it is pretty big but is not a hill in my opinion...When i went out there ((may i add the plain is almost a perfect circle that is near the middle of a D.C forest i cannot name at this point.)) I found some locals that live out in a the forest you may call them Hillbillies witch is what they are.

When i found the first local he seemed to be quite well mannered to be in a old broken down fungus infested hole of a house he was in his late 60's and had a thick Kentucky accent by the sounds of it he had some missing teeth and wore Overall's with a white sleeved shirt underneath it i asked him about "Raspy Hill" and he told me a story.

The man's story went like this,

"Raspy hill? damn son why are you going out there and investigating that piece of demon shit!? you know what the hell happened there boy? shit...back in the 1960's they used to hang folk over that little hill...and a man named John Williams used to do it himself! he had a thick raspy laugh he let out when he saw someone struggling to breath..the man had a gimmick too...he dressed up in a ole' gasmask and raincoat with some pants and scared the hell outta any person he caught to hang...they finally caught his big ass in 78 where they put him to death after his first month in prison! he laughed his goddamned head off when they fried him...some say they can still hear him laugh in that field..."

After he told the story he went silent and almost scooted back to his house slamming his front door and locking it...i left as well and went to look up this "John Williams" i found out his full name was "John Oxmire Williams" he used to be a Pest Control man until one of his supervisors found out he was Gassing cat's in his fan with poison the supervisor called the police where they arrested Oxmire and sentenced him for 2 years in prison for animal cruelty and he had a large record in prison too...multiple killings and beatings of his fellow inmates they finally released him under probation and parole and 10 years later a ranger of the forest caught him 'Hanging' a boy over that little mound in that field now called Raspy Hill.

Right now i have to to get more info on this guy.

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