"Break In" (Flash Fiction)
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Posted by Logan the Lobotomizer on: 02:52 PM, 03/22/20
After a long day of dealing with stupid and irritable costumers at work, Ron wanted nothing more than to relax, have a few beers, and watch Monday night football. Three hours later Ron had a six pack in him, half a pizza, and had happily watched the Jets get their asses kicked up and down the field.
After the game the news came on and there was a report of an escaped prisoner who had a history of breaking and entering, battery and sexual assault. The news reporter implored everyone to keep their doors locked, but Ron was too drunk to fully comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

 He turned off the T.V. then went to his bedroom. The alcohol did its job as Ron quickly fell asleep a few minutes after laying down. An hour later he was awakened by his door creaking open. Ron figured it was his girlfriend Mary returning from a late night at work.
She got into bed with him and began tugging at the waistband of his underwear. A second later and her hand slipped in his boxers. Ron’s genitals and ass were firmly gripped in a rough and warm hand. Ron could felt his boxers being removed and butt cheeks being spread. Hot breath wafted in his nostrils, it stank like garlic and rotten meat. His head was pushed into the pillow as his body sunk deeper into the mattress he felt the weight of another body on top of him.

He felt wrong, bile crept up his throat; he was too scared to move, paralyzed by fear. He felt like a helpless fly stuck on a spider’s web. Something cold and sharp pressed against the soft flesh on his throat.

“This is the only thing I’ll miss in prison.” A gruff male voice said.

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