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"Skin" Part 8
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Posted by Logan the Lobotomizer on: 01:21 PM, 10/14/18
We pulled into the driveway and quickly and entered the house.

Mom ripped the door open. “Mom!"

“I’m in the living room.” Grandma replied.

We entered the living room, Grandma was sitting on the couch with her arms wrapped around her, rocking back and forth, eyes wild and darting side to side. “There... was... a little girl on a tricycle”

Mom scrunched her eyebrows in disbelief. She searched the house then returned to the living room. “There’s no one here.”

Grandma sucked in her lower lip and pointed her boney finger at Mom. "I'm telling you there was a girl here riding a tricycle. She was clanging a bell and laughing like hell. I'm not crazy, I know what I saw."

Mom pointed her stubby finger at Grandma. "There is no girl here Mom. I just looked we're the only one's here."

Grandma sat back and crossed her arms. "Bullshit."

Mom placed her hands on her hips. "Stop talking bullshit."

Grandma leaned forward. "Go to hell."

"Go to hell? You call me talking about bullshit, make us worry, and then you tell me to go to hell? You go to hell!" Mom screamed.

Grandma flicked her top tooth with her thumb at Mom. "You're lucky your father isn't alive."

Mom balled her hands into fists as if she were about to strike Grandma. "You're lucky my father isn't alive, he'd be ashamed of have you're acting."

Grandma got up and walked to her bedroom. "Get out or I'm calling the cops!"

"I'm going to checking on you in the morning." Mom said.

We headed out; Mom placed a hand on my shoulder. "I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. I was wrong. She's just harder to deal with now that Grandpa's dead."

We left and quickly drove home. When we got through the door, Stacey rushed toward Mom and wrapped her tiny arms around her. "I'm hungy Mommy."

Mom stormed into the living room. “Your father should have fed you.”

Dad was sleeping on the couch. Mom shook him. “Bill you were supposed to feed Stacey.” He continued to sleep.

She whacked him on the head. “Bill Wilcox!”

Dad 's eyes slowly opened. “Huh, what?”

She poked her stubby finger in his chest. “You should have fed your daughter while we were gone."

He sat up and stretched. “I've just been tired from working.”

She pushed her finger deeper into his pudgy chest. “I don’t wanna hear any excuses; you keep putting everything else before your family.”

Dad got up off the couch. “Okay."

He walked into the kitchen and put something in the microwave. Stacey sat at the kitchen table, after a few minutes the microwave beeped and Dad took a  bowl of  mac and cheese out and placed it on the table in front of her.

Mom pulled out a chair from the table to sit. “I’m gonna have to check on Mom at least once a day ”

Dad handed Stacey a plastic fork. “Why?”

Mom ran her fingers through her hair. “Because she was going on about a little girl riding a tricycle around the house."

Dad pulled out a chair too. “It must be the age.”

Mom sat up in her chair and leaned forward. “I’m going to go over in the morning.”

Dad picked bits of stuff out of his beard. “I’m going have to go in early tomorrow, probably around six.” 

Mom's face sunk. “Bill you need to be here for Stacey.”

Stacey turned to Dad. “I was wooking forward to spwending time with you Daddy.”

She had a smile spread across her face and was looking at him lovingly. Mom scowled at Dad.

He patted Stacey on the head. “I’ll tell Buck I’m gonna be a bit late.”

Mom grinned. “Good.”
I sat there quietly as I thought about what else is in the house with Grandma.

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