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"Skin" Part 9 (Final)
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Posted by Logan the Lobotomizer on: 01:43 PM, 10/14/18
The next morning I was awoken by the sound of a hairdryer coming from the bathroom. The noise was giving me a headache, so I went to see if whoever was using it was almost done. I peered through the crack of the door and saw Mom. “Are you almost done? The noise is hurting my head.”

She turned off the blow dryer. “I’m done now. I'm going to Grandma's house soon."

My stomach ached with worry. "Can I go too?"

Mom removed a brush from the drawer and brushed her hair. “Sure, you should put on some fresh clothes. Did you take a shower?"

I let the silence linger in the air; she rolled her eyes and sighed. "Just go get changed.” 

I got changed, and Mom finished getting ready. We went downstairs.

Dad was stuffing his face with candy while Stacey watched cartoons. Stacey got up walked over to Dad, and she put her hand out. "Me too."

Dad dumped some candy in her hand. "Here you go."

“Make sure she gets real food Bill.” Mom said.

“Alright.” He said through a mouthful of chocolate.

As we approached the vehicle, I got that sick feeling in my gut again. I started thinking about what Grandma was talking about the last time I saw her. We pulled into her driveway as we walked up, the walkway, we heard Grandma scream from inside the house. We rushed into the house and found her curled up on the living room floor. There was a small pool of blood forming underneath her body; a bloody knife was laying next to her.

Mom rushed over to Grandma trying to help her up, but she couldn't lift her. “What happened?”

A patch of skin was missing on her hand; labored breaths escaped her mouth, eyes wild as if she had seen something unspeakable. She weakly lifted her head up.  “A man was asking for my skin.”

Mom scrunched her eyebrows in concern. “What?”

Grandma grabbed mom's pant leg. “Skin… I gave him my skin.”

Mom rushed over to the phone. “Jesus Christ.”

She quickly dialed  911. “Hello, my elderly mother fell, and she can’t get up, she cut herself and is bleeding badly!” She slumped in her seat; tears streamed down her cheeks. “I can’t lose another one I can’t.”

I felt like something was watching us. The  scent of smoke filled the room a low clang filled my ears. My legs felt like they were trapped in wet cement and my lungs felt like they were filled with it too. My heart began pounding rapidly, one of the people I love the most was the victim of something awful. Something so evil and hateful it transcends human understanding. This thing wasn't going to stop until it had taken everything from me. A feeling of fear and despair swept through me like a roaring tidal wave. As Grandma laid on the floor, I wondered what would happen to her. 

I didn’t want to skin myself, that’d be too painful, but if I weren’t around would that fix things? Would the ghost leave everyone alone if I were dead? He would. My death would be just as good as my skin. It was my fault all this happened I grabbed the knife laying next to Grandma.

“What are you doing?!” Mom screamed.

I dug the knife into my wrist and dragged the blade down vertically, blood spilled down my arm. "You'll all be safe soon."

Mom rushed at me. “Stop!”

She wrapped her hands around the knife. “Tommy, please stop!”

“I need to do this Mom!” I screamed.

She ripped the knife from my hands and I fell to ground with a thud. I laid on the ground and writhed in agony, it felt like someone had splashed gasoline on my wrist then threw a match on me. I needed to die, my death would make sure everyone was safe.
The smell of smoke got stronger as well as the clanging. I faded in and out, sirens screamed in the distance, as my vision became more and more blurry the man stood over me, grinning, he was muttering something over and over I could hardly make it out.

“No escape.” He said.

Everything faded to black.

I woke up in a hospital bed with Mom, Dad, and Stacey standing at the foot of it. A bandage wrapped around my wrist.
I sat up scratching my head in confusion not being able to remember what had happened. “Where’s Grandma.”

“They’re taking care of her in a different room Tommy.” Mom said.

“Is she gonna be okay?” I asked.

“Yes, you just rest.”

My head started feeling heavier, I let it drop and sink into the pillow. I stared at a plain white wall for what felt like years. The words "No escape" rattled around in my mind. No one was safe, I can’t die, it won’t let me die. I laid there wondering what would happen to everyone else. What would happen with no escape?



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