"Strange Occurrences In Burningham"
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If you live in Burningham you probably know that there’s things that happen in this town that don’t happen anywhere else. Sure, there’s plenty of towns around the state that have paranormal or strange happenings, but they’re nothing like what happens here. Usually, I don’t pay attention to those oddities. Until a Burningham plane crashed a few weeks ago. A plane was on its way to Italy. The plane had only been flying for three minutes when disaster struck. The plane crashed and everyone on board died. The media ran stories that the crash was caused by pilot error, but that couldn’t be true. Black box audio is usually made public, but the audio for Burningham Airlines Flight 1357 was never released and kept from the public.

Deep on the web, theories came flooding in like water through a broken dam. Despite the best efforts of the government to sweep this under the rug, the families of everyone who died on board demanded answers. They didn’t get any, until the audio was leaked.
The audio started off normally. The pilots were having an ordinary conversation, until  they both noticed something. The next thirty seconds of the audio was completely silent.

 Suddenly, the two pilots said something, but it was inaudible and couldn’t be understood. The last three minutes of the recording were filled with screams.
This wasn’t the only incident that I’ve come across. After discovering the plane crash my curiosity grew and I wondered if there were any similar occurrences. I found an article about an astronomer who killed himself last year. His body was found in his home by a relative, he had hung himself. There was a suicide note, but it was not a ordinary suicide note. The note was incoherent, it was a mess of scribbles and random numbers. Only one sentence was written clearly enough to understand. 

Don’t look at the lights!

Needless to say this incident elicited endless intrigue, theories, and speculation. What could’ve it been? This couldn’t be a coincidence. This article inspired me to dig a little deeper, lo and  behold I found another article from only a few months back. A man called Brent Henderson was at a going away party for a friend. The party started just like any other: booze, drugs, music, strangers hooking up with strangers. Until, Brent caught his fiance cheating on him with someone in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
 Enraged, he broke off the engagement. Brent walked outside and to cool off and smoked a cigarette. He gazed up into the sky and something caught his attention. It looked like flashing lights, but he couldn’t make it out. The report went on to detail how Brent pulled out his gun, then shot and killed everyone at the party. When asked why he killed his friends Brent claimed to have no memory of the massacre. Brent Henderson was sentenced to life in prison.

The last two reports I found were very disturbing. Thirty years ago there was a massive car crash. It was a brutally cold, snowy winter New England night. Everyone was paying extra attention to their driving due to the roads being wet and slick. Dan Stevens was driving a large tractor trailer when he got distracted by something in the sky. He veered off into the wrong lane causing a ten car pile up.

Stevens was the only one that survived. When asked what caused him to veer off into the wrong lane he said that he saw something in the sky, it looked like a bunch of flashing lights and faces. At first the faces looked like animals, then they morphed and twisted into the faces of people he knew. He saw his mother, father, ex-wife, and kids. His mother died in nineteen-eighty-seven and his father died a year after that. His ex-wife and his kids hadn’t spoken to him in two years.

Stevens claimed that the faces were angry and they were telling him all sorts of things, but he couldn’t remember anything. He didn’t remember the crash. He had no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system. After a long legal battle Stevens was fired from the company he was driving for and the families of the victims sued the company.

The last piece I found was a journal from roughly one-hundred years ago. The Whalsh family went missing during the spring of nineteen-twenty while staying at their cabin in the Burningham forest. When found, the journal was gnarled, and had a terrible odor to it. The author of the journal is presumed to be the father of the family, Jacob Whalsh.

Entry 1  5/2/1920

I moved my family here for the spring and summer. The winter was harsh on everyone, so I figured we’d need a change of scenery. I get so wrapped up in my work I miss out on the little things in life. Burningham is so beautiful during Spring. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my wife Debra and my two children Susan and Henry.

Entry 2   5/4/1920

The first day of our stay was wonderful. This was the first time we really spent quality time Susan and I went for a hike in the woods with our pet dog Molly. Susan picked some heavenly flowers. Henry and I took Molly into the woods and hunted rabbits, then went fishing, after dinner Debra and I spent the night lying by the fireplace.

Entry 3   5/6/1920

Yesterday was odd. While Henry and I hunted squirrels he asked me if I saw the lights in the sky last night. Puzzled I said no. Henry then went on about the lights saying that they hovered over the forest then descended into them. The whole forest was lit up with a mass of red, blue, and green glowing light. Within the light he could see dark shadows and silhouettes of things moving in the dense forest foliage. He said they were communicating with him somehow, he heard voices inside his head that were not his own, also they were showing him dreadful images. As he told me of his experience I noticed he had turned pale. I suggested that it might have been a vivid nightmare, but he remained adamant that what had happened was real. That night after everyone went to bed I stayed up with my shotgun and pot of coffee waiting to see the lights.

Entry 4 5/7/1920

I had the most horrible dreams last night. I dreamt that Debra, Susan, Henry, and Molly had all turned into these terrible scorpions like monsters. I tried shooting them, but my gun would not fire. I woke up screaming. I realized that I was still in the living-room from last night. I looked out the window and saw it was still dark outside, but the clock read 9:00 A.M. Also I saw the lights in the woods that Henry had mentioned. Everyone gathered in the living-room when I called them. They rubbed the sleep from their eyes and yawned.

I told them that we needed to leave because there was something very wrong. At first Debra protested, but once I pointed to the lights and the silhouettes of creatures in the woods she understood. We gathered what we could, but when we headed outside we realized to our dismay that there was a red, blue and red hue surrounding the cabin. Molly broke free from Susan’s grasp. He charged ahead for the woods, but when he hit the colored hue he disintegrated and turned into a pile of ash. Susan dropped to her knees and sobbed. I grabbed her by her shirt collar and pulled her inside, the others followed. I barricaded the door and grabbed my gun knowing that it might not do much good against what was out there. Henry plopped down on the couch and stared at the floor, looking defeated. Susan continued to weep and Debra pulled out a cigarette and sparked it up. When we all decided to sleep, we took our mattresses and laid them down in the living-room.

Entry 5  5/8/1920

Susan is dead, and it’s my fault. When we woke Debra and I rationed the food and water. After a breakfast of oatmeal and water we talked about our options even though they were few. Then, that’s when something tumbled down the chimney. It was a scorpion about the size of a German Shepard. I pointed my gun at it and fired. The bullet did nothing to the creature, Debra and the children ducked for cover behind one of the couches. Susan was frantic and demanded to know what I was shooting at. I was the only one that could see it. The beast hissed, and clacked it’s claws together, venom dripped from its stinger and dripped onto the floor burning a hole through the wood. Susan marched towards the fireplace where the creature stood. I demanded she move, but she did not listen, she just got closer to the beast until she was standing in front of the fireplace. She pointed to the horrible thing insisting that all there was just a pile of wood there. The monster stung her with its stinger. She was infected now. If I didn’t act she was gonna become one of those things then infect Henry and Debra. My nightmare I had a day ago would become reality…

I leveled my weapon at her head, then pulled the trigger. Her head exploded in a mass of blood and viscera. Blood, bits of brain matter, and skull fragments covered the fireplace and the wall next to it. Debra vomited and Henry looked at me with a level of fear I had never seen in his eyes before. I dragged her body down to the basement and cleaned the horrific scene to the best of my ability. Henry still hasn’t eaten or drank anything in hours. Debra locked herself in our bedroom an hour ago and has been crying ever since.

Entry 6 5/9/1920

Henry and I are the only ones that remain. This morning I brought Debra breakfast. When I saw her body  the dish and glass of water slipped from my hands and smashed into a million shards. Debra was laying on the floor stone cold, she was dead. She held an empty barbiturate bottle in her hand. I shut the door and returned to the living-room. Henry barely touched the food I gave him. Henry began muttering something to himself over and over again. Tears dropped from his face, I placed my hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. He looked at me with vicious anger. He slashed at me with his breakfast knife slicing my wrist. I backed away from him cradling my wrist. He charged at me once more with his knife. I dodged his attack and grabbed my gun. I implored him to stay away, but he continued to rush me. I shot him in the stomach, I could see through the hole that I blasted through him. He locked eyes with me one last time then, groaned, and collapsed to the ground with a heavy thud.

Entry 7 5/10/1920

This is going to be my last entry. I know whoever finds my journal will think of me no more than a madman. Perhaps they’d be right. Maybe, I am a madman, last night was the worst of them all. As I laid in bed trying to sleep after I moved Henry’s and Debra’s bodies into the basement I heard the most frightful noises. There was pounding on the basement door, shock over took me for a moment, then cold realization washed over me like a tidal wave. They had come back to life somehow…

They called my name and told me all the horrible things they would do to me. If this wasn’t real I don’t know what is. Maybe, this was all in my head and I killed my family. Tonight will be my last night on earth. May God have mercy on my soul.

I wanted to know more so I stayed up all night searching for more, but that was the last thing I found. So many questions rushed through my mind, but I didn’t know where to go. I gazed out the window and noticed flashing lights. I chalked them up to being from a plane or a jet.
My stomach growled and I went to the kitchen searching for food. I searched the covered and fridge and only found expired spaghetti and a fridge with only condiments and soda. With no other options I hoped in the car and headed to Burger King. As I drove I noticed the lights again. I began feeling melancholy as I stared at them. I kept my eye on them during my drive back home and sat in my drive and continued to stare at them. As I gazed at the strange alien lights a odd thought popped in my head.

My sister.

I haven’t thought about my sister Kayla in the two years since she died. It wasn’t my fault. That’s what my parents told me, but I knew better. They were right in a way, she was the one that had shot herself. But I was the one who drove her to it. I told her to kill herself, I’ve told her to kill herself several times before during our squabbles and she had never killed herself before. She claimed that she tried to kill herself twice. I always thought that she did it for attention, that stay at that psychiatric hospital was another stunt that she pulled when she was eighteen. Kayla always used her mental illness as a crutch.
A day before Kayla died we got into a fight over my great grandmother. I was her primary care taker when she was dying from Alzheimer's. Kayla accused me of hitting my grandmother when I was helping her up to go to the bathroom. My grandmother was frail and old, so every part of her body ached. I always had to be very careful with her because any slight brush or bump she’d scream like a banshee.

I accidentally bumped my grandmother’s foot when I helped her off the couch. Kayla came charging down the stairs accusing me of hurting my grandmother. Once I explained what happened she called me a liar and repeatedly punched me in the face. I retaliated by throwing a punch of my own, my fist connected to her jaw and knocked her flat on her ass. She didn’t bother to get up from the floor instead she just sat there staring up at me like she wanted to kill me. That’s when I told her to kill herself.

This was unlike the other times I told her to kill herself. She calmly got up and left the house. That was the last time I ever saw her. I’m not sorry for what I did. At that moment as I gazed at the lights I realized something. This thing, whatever it is and wherever it came from, it feeds on guilt and human suffering. The question was: Was the thing here to punish me or torture me? It couldn’t have been some sort of avenging angel; it drove Brent Henderson to kill his friends. He did not mention that lights made him feel guilty before the massacre.
The lights began to morph into the face of my sister. She was enraged. I could hear her voice inside my head screaming at me and blaming me for her death. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I thought about being anywhere, but there. I applied exercises that I had learned in therapy to combat negative thoughts, or emotions. I imagined my happy place, me at my great grandparents’ house as a boy. I always felt safe there, like nothing could hurt me. The feeling of hate left my body a warm feeling spread throughout my being.

It was love.

I slowly opened my eyes and the lights were gone and I was relieved. I exited my vehicle and entered my home. I laid down knowing that I had won and had escaped with my life. Unfortunately, there were many other potential victims out there that would have the will or the ability to stave this thing off. Maybe, one day there will be a way to thwart this thing for good.

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