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Posted by Logan the Lobotomizer on: 02:40 PM, 07/ 1/21
Wicker branches cut into Andrea’s soft flesh as she ran through the dense forest foliage. Her flashlight bobbed up and down as she sprinted through the woods. Andrea ripped her revolver from the holster in one swift motion and fired three rounds at the creature chasing her. The only discernible features of the beast were its dozens of luminescent cyan eyes. Its clicking and clacking filled the woods. Andrea hurdled over a rotten, moss-covered log. She fired three more shots; two missed and last hit one of the creep’s eyes.

Blue, shiny blood cascaded down the abomination’s face. An ear-piercing shriek exploded from the freak’s mouth. Tree branches and bushes shook like a strong wind passed through them. “You can’t run forever; Khorgakh wants you to come back,”

“The only way you’re taking me back is if I’m dead.”

“So be it,” the abomination growled.

“Hey, over here!” A tall muscular ginger holding a shotgun called from the porch of a nearby cabin.

Andrea sprinted for the cabin with the fiend hot on her trail. She somersaulted through the cabin door to safety.

The ginger stepped in front of oddity and blasted it in half. Blue blood splattered all over the outside of the cabin.

The ginger blew the rising smoke from his shotgun barrel. “You okay?”

Andrea removed dry leaves from her auburn hair. “I’ve been better.”

The man extended his hand. “The name’s Wes. What’s yours?”

Andrea grimaced at the sight of the gore covered hand. “Andrea,”

Wes noticed his gore-stained hand and wiped it on his jeans. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Mouse droppings covered the floor; blood and green spots littered the ceiling. The air tasted like wet socks and
spoiled beef.

“Hungry?” Wes asked.

“No,” Andrea said.

Wes opened a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of vodka. “Thirsty?”

“No, I’m fine, thanks.”

Wes uncapped the bottle and swallowed three big gulps. “You’re welcome to join me in the living room.”
Andrea followed Wes into the living room. The room smelled like fungus. Wes gestured to a stained purple couch; the piece of furniture had several rips and tears that exposed the yellow foam beneath. Wes leaned his shotgun against the sofa, plopped down on the couch, and wrapped his arm around Andrea. A terrible, stale onion smell assailed her nostrils. Bile forced its way up her throat. She swallowed the puke and inched away from the sweaty, unwashed man.

Wes took another swig from his bottle. “So, what were you doing running around the woods by yourself?”

Andrea picked at her nails. “I was just passing through, and that thing jumped me,”

“Where were you headed?”

Andrea wrapped her slender arms around herself and rocked back and forth. “Anywhere safe, I guess,”

Wes winked. “Well, looks like you found a safe place.”

“What about, what’s your story?”

“I’ve just been trying to survive.”

The fire crackled, and the warmth emitted from the fireplace and warmed the room. Andrea glanced at framed photos that hung on the wall of Wes and what seemed to be his wife and kids. “Cute family.”

Wes’s eyes filled with tears, and his face became sullen. “Yeah, they were,”

“I’m sorry,” Andrea said.

Wes sniffed and wiped tears from his eyes. “Don’t be those damn Scorps took everything from me,”

“We’ve all lost a lot since S-Day.” Andrea gestured to a picture of Wes on a Harley with a blonde-haired woman seated behind him. “You ride?”

Wes glanced at the photo. “Yeah, I used to. I still have the bike; my old lady bought that for me as a birthday present one year.”

Andrea rested her hand on Wes’s shoulder. “Maybe you’d let me take it for a spin sometime,”

Wes scooted closer and groped Andrea’s thigh. “Ya know, it’s been so lonely here. I don’t remember the last time I touched another human.”

Andrea pried his hand off and gripped her weapon. “Yeah…”

Wes grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. “I saved you. I think you owe me something.”

Andrea pulled away and sprung to her feet. “No, I don’t!” Andrea brandished her gun and yanked the trigger. Click. She looked at her weapon incredulously.

Wes took his shirt off. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be, honey.”

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Wes smirked. “I counted your shots in the woods. You’re out.” Wes grabbed the barrel of Andrea’s gun and punched her in the nose. Cartilage crunched beneath Wes’s knuckles; Andrea wilted to the floor like a dead flower. Blood poured down Andrea’s face. Wes hoisted her off the floor and threw her on the couch like a rag-doll. Wes pulled the dazed woman’s pants off and mounted her. He forced her legs apart and pushed himself between them.

“Kiss me,” Wes growled.

Andrea’s mouth dropped open, and a scorpion stinger launched out of her mouth and into Wes’s eye. Wes clutched his face as blood gushed from his eye; Andrea grabbed the vodka bottle and smashed it over his head. Broken glass and booze covered his body. He collapsed to the cold, hard floor. The sound of rushing water filled his ears. He could see a bright white light out of his bleeding eye. His one working eye’s vision was blurry, and he saw double. Pain gave way to rage when he saw Andrea standing over him with a grin plastered on her face. He shakily clawed his way to his feet.

“You’re a fucking Scorp!”

He charged Andrea, but she moved out of the way at the last second. Wes landed in the fireplace. Orange flames consumed his body. Quickly, his body became charred, and he stopped moving.

Andrea picked up the shotgun and considered it. Looks like this is mine.”

She walked to the garage and found the Harley Wes mentioned. Hopped on the bike and drove off into the night.

Posted by Logan the Lobotomizer on: 02:45 PM, 07/ 1/21
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