an event in Area 51
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Posted by hammerbay on: 04:51 AM, 09/12/19
Am a guard at the Area 51 base, and everything is insane outside, let me explain from the beginning, when the fb kids created this “storm area 51” event on Facebook,  we didn’t believed  they were going to come, and really I thought not even they believed they were going to come either, but still they groups and event were monitored because they brought a lot of attention to this base. And being an actual military base, we at least must check for the gossip about it. After a few weeks the groups got bigger and bigger and some of the people began to write and express in a way that felt like they were really into the idea, they shared videos of how to get to the place, strategies, satellite photos with drawings of the base, depression memes. Yes, we took it all a joke but the more information they generate the more attention they brought onto them. And that was the problem, now too much people were talking about this, even people from other countries were joining in. And the brass noticed. We began, not me personally but we began to track some of the individuals activities, some of the people where on some of our person of interest list already so tracking their online activities wasn’t to difficult nor out of the ordinary, and we found that some of this people were looking for hotels, buses, air planes schedules to get here on the 20 of September, then more people and more people and then people from other countries, bunch of millennials or gen x were coming here, and now the top heads were really interested.

By the time this got real, a simple plan was devised we moved all the “articles” that the public wanted to know, we had a lot of time to do it anyway, and we created a nice surprise for this Millennials, instead of finding  classified information materials or a bunch of soldiers shooting at them the plan was just to make a party, of course it was a recruiting party, there was food, a shooting range with some of our more friendly officers and instructors, we put a jet show with the blue eagles, everything necessary to cover for our other activities here and to get some new recruits in the process, hell we even learned about what this Naruto running thing was and we got some of this anime series to show during the day.

On the actual day the 20 of September, they arrived, all of them, some wore animal costumes I don’t know why, other plain shirts with prints with depression memes, some shouted for a Kyle, then they began their approach, slowly  obviously scared but when the first, I believe was a Karen got near we greeted her with open arms then the next person and the next one some families came to watch to and we let them in everyone that showed was  welcome to join, once inside we began to distribute drinks to the people sodas, for the younger ones beer to the older, food was given too the music was blaring on the speakers, we got really big ones, we knew what they liked so we blasted anime openings, some rock and metal it was a very diverse playlist. Still they wanted to explore they wanted the truth they wanted to storm the place and we let them we gave them exactly what they wanted, they got inside every room every hall every bunker, and found nothing, we cleaned the place they only found normal things normal jets and air planes some weapons and uniforms, normal vehicles and , nothing out of the ordinary, it took them several hours to as they said storm the place. It was getting late, and the food was running out, they couldn’t find anything, now tired and hungry the party continued, I saw a person dressed in a fur suit, on the shooting range trying a service rifle I saw him shooting a couple of targets, then giving the rifle to the instructor and pointing to a hand gun, the instructor took the rifle and then explained to the man on how to use the hand gun, the man shot three times at the targets, and then shot himself in the head dying instantly.


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