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« on: 03:35:58 AM 04/18/17 »
Well this is my first ever attempt at writing a creepypasta. I'm not very good with grammar so there may be a few mistakes there but overall I kind of like how this turned out so here you go!

I've been a Nintendo fan for many years now, ever since I was 9 years old when my parents first got me an SNES for my birthday. I had been pestering them for about two years for one as all my friends had gotten it upon release and I did not want to feel left out. While I was still a bit behind the curve on games since we weren't a particularly wealthy family and couldn't afford to buy them alot but I knew more about the games I played than any of my friends. Every chance my mother gave me I would play it intensely, my mind wouldn't even acknowledge anything but the game while I was playing, and I went through each game thoroughly making sure there was no secret that I did not know.

I got caught farther behind the curve four years later when the Nintendo 64 came out. It again took a couple years of constant bothering for my parents to be able to get me this new console and what I got blew my mind. After years of playing 2D games it blew my mind to play games in a 3D space and I would play that console even more than I would the SNES even going so far as to sneak down in the night to play it.

After that I reached the age where I could make an income of my own and never missed a console. I went to college and majored in programming hoping that one day I could become a video game designer. That dream really never worked out and i couldn't get my foot in the door that was the video game industry so I was left to take a soulless programming job for some corporation I didn't care about. I hated the job and I was always searching for something more related to games but I made enough money that I could afford to rent my own one bedroom house. When I moved into the house the Wii and WiiU had come out and with them had come the virtual console, a wonderful little digital market where I could buy old games. So now that I could play all of my N64 games and SNES games on the newer consoles I packed away the old consoles, storing them in my basement.

This served me well until one day I had been watching a retrospective video about the N64 on Youtube. I felt a want to relive the old days back when I first got the console, not just play the games again on my new consoles, I wanted to feel that awkward controller in my hand, and blow into a cartridge just like I used to. It took a little while to find the correct box in the dusty pile of boxes I had in my basement but when I opened it I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. There were my consoles, a bit dirty but otherwise untouched since the day I had packed them and they were right on top of a little treasure trove games, all of them still with their original boxes.

After removing the consoles from their spot I looked over each game fondly remembering moments I had with them until I finally I happened upon my favorite of the bunch Super Mario 64. The box was in the worst condition out of all of them, having been a bit bent up since it had come with the console and in my young eagerness had only thought about getting the game out to play instead of not ruining the box. I pulled out the box from my little collection and standing up I opened it.
I had been expecting the regular cartridge, maybe a bit dusty as well but what I saw along with that was a little ball. It was slightly smaller than a golf ball, white, spiked like the end of a mace, and made out of some odd material. As I looked at it curiously thats when I felt a little prick at the back of my neck. I dropped the box and my hands instantly went to smack at the spot I felt the pain, finding nothing there but a small spot that hurt when I touched it. After a quick search I couldn't find anything that would have caused it I ignored it going back to the box at my feet.

When I knelt down in front of the box to pick it up I suddenly felt a cramp form in my legs and the muscles get rigid. I was brought to the ground, catching myself with my hands only to have them start feeling like jelly beneath me. My face hit the floor and I could see inside the box again. Spiders, tons of baby spiders in the box all slowly crawling out of it and away from the egg sac. I screamed as loud as I could and tried to get myself up but my arms could barely move much less push me up while my legs wouldn't move at all. I was stuck there as all of the little spiders began to spread across my basement some of them crawling onto my body getting in under my jeans moving up and down my legs. It was then that I saw a long black leg step to the ground from my head followed by a shiny black body with a bright red hourglass on the back as the black widow started crawling towards some of her babies.

Eventually my screaming must have scared off the babies from my body as well as bringing over the cops with the neighbor who called them in tow. I was rushed to a hospital as soon as they figured out what had happened, babbling about how I was going to die the whole way. When all was said and done the doctor said that I was going to be fine and that bites from the black widow were almost never life threatening especially for one as healthy as I was. I didn't got home for a while after that, staying in a hotel room for a while as I got the house fumigated, twice.
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