I think my apartment is haunted
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Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 07:21 AM, 01/ 1/19
I moved into a small studio apartment in November of 2018. I was finally considered an adult, I had my own little fortress of solitude. I could do whatever I wanted, as long as it didn't break my agreement. The owner of the building had told me that people didn't seem to last in the place that long, and thus I didn't have a proper lease. It wasn't long after that I started hearing and seeing strange things.
Now I didn't initially think much of it, when I was a kid I suffered from odd auditory and visual hallucinations. Some of these where your typical things out the corner of your eye, or hearing your name called when it wasn't. So I simply just thought that whatever caused them as a child was still a very real factor in my life. The voices I heard in my apartment where three distinguished male voices.
It started the first week I'd been there, at random times I'd hear someone talk. Originally I thought it was a neighbor, being loud enough for me to hear. However after getting to know my neighbors and the sounds they made through the walls; I came to the conclusion that it wasn't them. The voices continued to persist, becoming more frequent the longer I lived in the apartment. Things began to spiral out of control, around a week and a half after moving in.
I was coming home from work one night and my lights wouldn't turn on. My initial thought was the bulbs needed changed, or the power company made a mistake. When suddenly they came back on, but the walls where secreting a green slime. The lights flickered as the voices returned, giggling and snickering until the finally proclaimed in unison "Nosferatu!".
At the time I was so tired and annoyed from my long day I simply shouted "That joke hasn't been funny in like seven years!".
"Don't ruin this for me now." one of the voices had responded in a deep stilted mocking tone.
The lights had stopped flickering at this point, but my walls where still covered in goop. I cleaned it up with a towel, making sure it didn't leave any kind of damage that would get me thrown out. Then I grabbed a ginger ale from the counter and made myself a dinner. Nothing more was out of the ordinary till my little blue YETI brand cooler fell of the counter. With a low mumbling voice saying undistinguishable words.
At the time I just assumed that I must have bumped it so that it was at a tipping point. The contents shifting and eventually making it fall. After finishing my food and picking the cooler back up, It was already late. I'd been up nearly all day working a double shift, dealing with crappy people. So I decided to get some sleep and enjoy my day off in the morning. As I drifted off, the voices seemed to come and converse with one another.
I learned to just ignore things I heard late at night when I was a child, so I did my best ignoring them till I passed out. While I slept, I dreamed of being covered in spiders like a lot of spiders. I mean a copious amount just crawling in my skin, covering every amount of my body. Consuming me and forming a vaguely human shape, like some sort of spiders man. When I was suddenly and violently awoken by the crash of a toaster oven next to my head. I was tired and delirious at the time and just sat there on my bed screaming.
When I saw the visage of some soy-boy hovering over me as I had been sleeping. I tried to muster up some form of courage and shouted at the figure. "Who the fuck are you? And why are you in my apartment?", it came out embarrassingly meek.
"I'm a ghost, well half ghost." The pale man said through the hair that hung down half his face.
"How can you be half ghost and if you say your dad was a ghost, I swear I'm going to get you exercised!" I said in a tired yet angrily annoyed toned. Not really waiting for any response, just hoping to doze back off.
I still live in that apartment with all the strange things that seem to happen there. The "ghosts" still try to annoy me but I've grown quite found of them. Their antics are just a small part of my life, but every time I still brings a smile to my face. That was until I came home and received a letter. It was a restraining order addressed to me, from that toaster over that nearly crushed my head.

Posted by Abysmii on: 06:34 PM, 01/ 1/19
Trollish yet heartwarming, the best kind of trollpasta.

Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 11:49 PM, 01/ 1/19
Trollish yet heartwarming, the best kind of trollpasta.
I was trying to coerce people into giving feedback by just writing a pretty obvious trollpasta without any shame. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any time feel free to critique any of the things I've written, most are first drafts and thus proper trash.


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