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« on: 05:25:01 PM 03/25/17 »
Have you ever received a letter in the mail addressed to you from someone with an unfamiliar name? If so, hi, that may have been me. I believe that everyone has a hobby of some sort – even if they won't admit to it. Some collect vinyl albums, some fingernails (gross), and some collect guns, but not I! I collect letters! I like going through the phone book and finding random home addresses to send mail to.

On a side note, I take my hobby very seriously; why, I still have every letter I've ever received. Many will claim that physical mail is irrelevant thanks to email, phones and social media, but that's not true, not in the slightest. There is something special, personal, about holding a letter in your hands. Each one is unique: the calligraphy on the envelope (and sometimes the letter itself), the stamp that may be loosely-fitted or tightly pressed up in the right hand corner, and let's not forget that some letters carry a scent. Oh, I forgot about the saliva on the inside of the envelope! That's always unique to the person that sends it to you.

What does electronic communication have over physical mail, huh? Nothing, that's right, NOT A DAMN THING! IT JUST SITS THERE FORGOTTEN OR ENDS UP DELETED! IF I COULD I'D TAKE AND SMASH EVERY FU – heh, lost my temper a bit. I suppose I could delete that, but hiding emotion would be akin to lying, a betrayal of myself, and frankly, I keep my feelings hidden enough as it is in my day to day life. Keeping everything bottled up sure sucks, and that's why I like letters; they allow me to let it all out. But you know, when you don't get a response you have no idea if anyone has observed your feelings and that is the exact same as keeping to yourself. It makes me feel like everything is still bottled up and when that happens I have to find another outlet. Not to mention, few things hurt more than being ignored.

Enter my other hobby, which in all actuality happens to go well with mailing letters, killing. Yup, them addresses sure come in handy! The police still haven't caught on yet, because they overlook the letters... or perhaps EVERYONE THROWS THEM AWAY! I suspect it to be a mix of both, actually. Oh, I don't want any P.O. Box owners who read this to feel left out! I love going to the post office and picking a Post Office Box at random to send mail to~ Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “You can't kill me if you don't know who I am or where I live.”

Pfft. It isn't remotely hard to stand around near the P.O Boxes and see who goes to which box. In fact, I sometimes write new letters while I wait. Following someone home tends to not take a lot of work or be hard either. To be perfectly clear, I only kill those who do NOT reply to my letters. It leaves my emotions all jumbled as I stated above and is rude.

The irony of my typing this message and posting it here instead of sending it by mail is not lost on me, but then those of you who read this and have received my letters, but didn't answer/open/read them probably wouldn't have read this, would you?

I hope I kept this brief and to the point! I certainly tried my best to. I suspect I'll be seeing some of you soon. Thank you all for letting me vent my emotions one way or another.