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on: 06:52:35 PM 03/03/17
   Andrea and I met at Westlyn University during our freshman year, she was going for her Psychology doctorate and I was looking to get an Art History degree so I could get a teaching job to fall back on if my paintings didn’t sell well. What drew me to her was her hair, it was a beautiful golden blonde that made me think of honey. We started dating about a year later, and after we got our bachelor's in our respective fields we got hitched. Her parents hated me, but we didn’t care. We had a pretty happy life, until Andrea got into the accident. My love had been crossing the street, she was focused on her phone, on the music in her ear buds, so Andrea never saw the truck barreling down the road. The doctors said she wouldn’t make it, but I still took her home instead of leaving her in that cold, uncaring hospital room.

   My beloved has been bedridden since then, so it fell on me to be the only bread winner for the two of us. I took a job at a local middle school, and I took up sketching during my lunch period, and took up smoking to try and cut the pain of knowing my wife… knowing that our family could never be complete.

     It was Wednesday when a coworker of mine, an English teacher named Doris, announced in the break room that she was getting married next month. She showed us the ring on her finger, and I gave a smile and a nod while the others congratulated her through hugs, handshakes, and the Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Laurel, offered to bake the sweets for her reception. Doris had been a good friend over the three years I had been the Art teacher at West Bank Middle School, and she had become my smoking buddy when she found out I liked the same brand of cigarettes that she enjoyed. Our free periods lined up on Wednesdays, we always took a break outside the school, hidden from the security cameras and the principle. This day wasn’t any different, and we definitely had a lot to talk about during the thirty minutes we had.

     “What was it like when you and your wife got together?” Doris used that question to begin a barrage of questions about married life. I answered each of them between puffs of my Marlboro Light 100, my eyes on the small gold ring accented by three nice sized diamonds, not too large but not small either.
It took a few questions for Doris to finally calm down, a large, glowing smile on her face. I remember when my wife could smile like that, that’s the reason I asked to see my coworker’s ring, and that’s why I took her finger off her hand. Doris screamed like I had stabbed her shoulder, I had to get her to quiet down, so I slammed her head on the concrete wall next to the dumpster. The dumpster was a good spot for the body, and I had an old necklace jewelry box from my anniversary last month. The rest of the day went as normal, only the vice principal asked me what had happened to Doris. I told him she had felt sick and left early, and he bought it.

     I knew we would have to move, I had never gotten that angry at someone just for being like my loving Andrea. I pulled into the driveway, my old Chevy giving out a few clunks as I turned it off. After that I rushed up to my one and only, smiling as I saw that she was awake. Her blue eyes were cloudier than when I met her, and more color had drained from her lips from that morning, but now she had her finger back. All I needed was a couple of staples and the finger looked absolutely perfect on her. I stroked my beloved’s hair and kissed her deep, and gave her a smile.

      “After the move,” I said, looking into her eyes, “I think we should try for twins.”