Midnight Hunting
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Posted by IamtheMask on: 11:50 PM, 12/23/18
“Alex I don’t think this is a good idea,” Laurie said fervently, “You know it’s not deer season yet. Why are we up in this perch in the first place?”
    “Because tomorrow will be the start of deer season,” Alex replied, the binoculars in his hands feeling weightless. The Sako Finnlight felt like another arm on his shoulder, guiding him towards where he needed to aim. A small little night vision attachment allowed him to see what was out there, lurking. His breaths were slow and steady, just like his grandpa taught him.
    “Well, since we’re out here,” Laurie said to break, “Can you tell me what the biggest deer you caught was?”
    “You know how much Tanner weighs?” Alex replied quickly, trying to keep his focus
    “That much,” Laurie gasped, grabbing the picture of Tanner. The picture flopped around in the chilly wind, a heartbeat for a inanimate object. She put the picture back into her purse and let it down onto the wooden perch. She was glad this perch had a small roof above, with a little place around the other side of the tree that had books that they kept their since the perch was not far from their house. The porch light flickered a little in the snow, the light dancing through the untamed wilderness like a ballerina in Swan Lake.
    “Well I see nothing as of now,” Alex said, putting the Sako Finnlight down next to him. “Can you pass me your cigarette lighter? Forgot mine inside the house.”
    Laurie sighed as she grabbed the lighter from her purse, “You know if you weren’t so stingy with the fuel in your lighter mine would last three times longer.”
    Alex didn’t reply, knowing this to be true, as he lit up his Marlboro and huffed a cloud of nicotine and health out into the woods. Laurie did the same, letting her puff of smoke hang in the air, creating a small bit of darker darkness.
    Both sat in silence, thinking to themselves about tonight’s small venture. The snow conglomerated around their small perch, small hands wanting more. Alex’s eyes wanted to hit the hay, but he wanted to get one deer so badly. The empty energy drinks lay around him, doing nothing but moving in the frozen wind. Laurie wasn’t feeling well either. The unanswered messages from her father kept her up, not knowing how to answer them. She knew he could pull through without him, but she felt guilty for not replying back.
A wolf howled somewhere as Laurie sat back and dreamt.
    A walk he said a walk a walk nothing makes me more infuriated at him than a walk Pines move around us like windmills oh Don Quixote hit one and another and another Is the bread burning in the oven I don’t smell a thing The Barber told him before it happened to shave his brows more often a walk they said a walk--
    “Laurie wake up,” Alex whispered sharply into the thin air around them. She snapped awake, as Alex never had a sense of fear in his voice when he went on hunting trips. She crawled near him, trying to make the least amount of sound as possible. She got close to him to see out of his scope.
    Something stood in front of them. She couldn’t see it very well, but something darker than the surroundings cloaked the lights of the road behind it. A low hum came from it and the surrounding area, which vibrated Laurie’s eyes very minutely, but still enough for her to notice. Smoke rose from behind the figure, a small cloud on the land. A small chuckle came from the thing in front of them.
    Both Laurie and Alex’s brain were silent static, trying to process the thing in front of them. Alex’s breath quivered in the night, the cans of energy drinks around him moving slightly due to the hum. Both of them looked at each other in dumbfounded shock
    “What should we do,” Alex mouthed to Laurie, “I don’t want to shoot at the thing.”
    Laurie thought about it for a moment. On the one hand, her curious side wanted him to shoot at the thing, but she knew that they might want to keep quiet and let whatever it was to do its thing so that they can get back to the house safe and sound.
    A slight and nearly silent chuckle came from the thing, along with very quiet breaths. It then started, slowly but steadily, to move towards the perch, the snow crackling like fire underneath the darkness under the thing. The birds started to chirp around the couple, increasing in their chirping.
    A shot broke the glass of silence. Alex quivered, his body shaking with fear at what would come next. However, the entity’s body moved towards where the bullet went, and started to move towards the direction of the bullet with the composure of someone in a sandstorm. The couple looked at each other with confused hope. Their small little incident was done. Silently, they hoped off of the perch and went back home.
    “Make sure to lock the doors,” Alex said to Laurie, some timidness in his voice, “Don’t want whatever that thing was to be let in.”
    Laurie smiled a little as she made sure all the doors were closed. As she locked the last door, her heart dropped as a chuckle came from the front door.


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