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Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 11:16 PM, 12/23/18
   I know I'm taking a big risk to my personal safety, but I feel this information needs to be shared. For those who may not know Omaha Nebraska is considered, by some, to be the heart of America. The city itself is surrounded by suburbs, one of which is Bellevue. On the outskirts is an Air force base known as Offit. If you know any Airmen then it's possible you know about this base. This base holds a few little known secrets.
   The first secret that is probably known to anyone willing to do a google search. The base was used to secure Former President George W. Bush, shortly after the 9/11 attack in 2001. The reason why may shock you, obviously the location of the base is a clear advantage. Any outside force would have to make their way into the heartland to harm the president. However there is another reason, the STRATCOM portion of the base is one of the few places in America where Nuclear weapons can be armed and launched. I personally knew one of the staff members trusted with a key needed to preform a launch. Each personnel needed represents one of the three core branches of the military; the Army, Air force, and Navy. They also act as one of the many steps for the launch sequence in any situation.
   This is just the secret that the military isn't afraid to let slip, at least to people who live close enough to be curious. It's used as the key reason for the high security procedures, but that's not the real reason. Due to its relatively empty surroundings, along with it's already high security, the base has a well funded R&D department. Most of the projects are simple aircraft and weaponry advancement. Small things like increased fuel efficiency and experimental craft; the large sections of flat plains allow for efficient emergency landings necessary for early stage developments. Beneath the layers of the base and the Nuclear shelter lay another structure.
   This is a place where the R&D department really spend most of the budget, this is the shadow base the government denies all existence. There is one other such base perceived to exist, deep into the American Mojave Area 51. Both bases are Air force operations with connections to nuclear testing, set in relatively flat land. Now as for what's beneath Area 51, I can not say for sure but I know what's beneath Offit.
   I do not know the proper term for the underground complex, so I will just refer to it as O-002. I've heard a few stories about the base O-002, from my source at the STRATCOM complex. Each of his stories are played off as just an urban legend told by bored guards in the lonesome nights. However, I've managed to get access to the "legendary" sub-base. I lived outside of the city limits for a portion of my teenage years. There was a section of land that my friends and I use to do Airsoft on. The farmland was about half an hour away by car from the edge of the base. On the land was bunker like structure, that lead to a tunnel.
   The tunnel itself was long and sloped gently downwards, lit with large overhanging florescent tubes. My friends and I decided to come back and explore it another night, when we weren't holding mock firearms and dressed in fatigues. It took us about a month to return and head down the tunnel. We went and gave our parents the impression we where making an overnight trip of our games. We had packed bags and brought along our gear just to make them believe. We left the gear at the entrance to the tunnel and went with only our backpacks of snacks.
   The tunnel was long, extremely long, our little day trip seemed to take us ages. At the time we simply thought it was because of the dull grey walls. The floor continued to slope slowly and steadily downward, leading us further beneath the surface. Eventually we came to a metal staircase section that lead us further beneath down. Each flight bringing us closer to answers at a faster pace than the gradual slope of the entry way. It was on these stairs that I began to experience migraines, as far I know none of the others experience a similar effect.
   We made our way down the entire staircase, before my migraine caused us to slow down. My friends worried, starting to second guess the idea of going further. Trying to use my headaches as an excuse to turn back and leave this place alone. I was stubborn, wanting to continue after taking a short rest. It was during this time that I became weaker, with my head throbbing steadily. I remember passing out, there at the bottom of the stairs; when I came through I was in a small room.
   I had been sat in a chair, cuffed to a table; similar to those you see in TV and movies for interrogations. I sat there unsure of where exactly I was until it dawned on me, this must be the base. A man dressed in military attire entered the room from a single metal door, he came to the table and sat opposite me. He asked question after question, but each one seemed to make less sense than the previous. I asked him where my friends where, but I never received a response.
   After hours of questioning my migraine returned but with it a voice. The voice was deep and slow, but indecipherable. The military personal opposite me seemed to notice my discomfort and began to ask  me questions of my health. His words where muted and seemed to be drowned out by the other. Now repeating the same sounds, in some sort of chant rhythmically like a heartbeat. I still couldn't make out the words that where being said, either by the man or the voice in my head.
   I eventually passed out once again, only to come to in yet another room. It was a sterile looking hospital room, I was unsure if it was still apart of the base or not. The voice then returned louder than before, it seemed to seep into the room from walls. As if the source of it was just on the other side of each wall. Enveloping me in its rhythmic chant, now understandable, it told me "You are mine, and I am yours."
   It felt like weeks I was in that room, with food being slid through a slit in the door. The voice persisted, there where times when it seemed to lessen. Yet it never silenced, always their in the back of my mind eating away at me. When one night it suddenly seemed to cease, and when I awoke the next morning I was back in my room. As if nothing had happened, my parents never mentioned my week long absence. The friends I went with that day never showed back up, no word of their disappearance at school or any of the papers. The voice still comes back to me occasionally, it tells me things you couldn't comprehend. It tells me to return to the base, and "Free it".


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