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on: 11:31 AM, 06/30/18
Have you ever witnessed something that has left you completely and utterly dumbfounded? The only action I can take is to get it off my chest since I can’t exactly report it officially. It just doesn’t make any logical sense.

Late one night, it was last Wednesday, I was in my room trying to sleep and for some reason couldn’t.  I’m sure we’ve all been there before; you’re completely and totally exhausted but for some reason you literally cannot fall asleep. So there was nothing particularly strange going on at the time I just couldn’t nod off. That’s when I decided to get some water from the kitchen.

I headed from my bedroom down the narrow hallway and headed into the kitchen in order to retrieve a drink. On the way there, it was decided that milk would be chosen over the mundane cup of water. I even found a bottle of chocolate syrup that I didn’t even know I had, hidden in the back of the fridge and my inner child got to work concocting the sweet drink.

Once I closed the refrigerator door, I noticed that the light in my home office was on. Well not the light, but the glare coming from the computer monitor. Not a huge problem, I walked down the stairs towards my computer and simply turned it off. Then headed back up the stairs towards the kitchen to leave the room like I had done a thousand times. By this point the craving for that drink was at an all-time high.

There I was, a fully functioning adult, making a chocolate milk at three in the god damn morning. I even put in way to much syrup, to the point where after I drank it I immediately realized that sugar rush was going to keep me up all night long and that sleep wasn’t going to happen.

But it was so fucking delicious.

After the drink, I placed the glass in the sink and rinsed the remaining residue out of the cup. At this point I was already thinking about how much longer I was going to stay up, maybe I could do a half day tomorrow? As I’m thinking this, I notice that the fucking monitor light is on again. I simply shrugged and thought something was up with the machine. I’d have to have someone look at it. For the second time, I opened the basement door and was greeted by a “Hey, your printer is empty! Can I have some paper please!?”

I ran for it. I ran out of the fucking house in a blind panic.

Someone has to be in there! Someone has to be in there! Someone has to be in there!

I kept thinking this to myself as I continued to run barefoot into the densely forested area of my backyard. Eventually, my feet were beyond killing me so I stopped and almost collapsed near a fallen tree. The air felt thick and it took me several minutes to catch my breath; for now it was apparent that I wasn’t being chased. Once a few minutes had gone by, I had time to think about the situation.

Why would there be a man in my house using my printer at this hour? It was definitely a male’s voice, a younger voice and one with a completely calm demeanor. That’s what freaked me out the most honestly, aside from the fact that it came out of the pitch dark blackness of my basement; with the exception of the monitor lighting he would’ve to be in the dark. The computer saying something itself, like you would hear with siri or alexa, seemed even more unlikely. Someone had to be in the house but I couldn’t justify why. 

This was all sounding completely ridiculous now and it had now gone on for nearly forty five minutes. If anyone saw me like this, I would look like an asshole. Luckily I did have my cell phone in my shorts pocket but at almost four in the morning I was a little hesitant on having the police involved over this. Sure it was a possible home invasion but as far as I knew maybe I had imagined the whole thing and the scenario would be fucking bananas. So I called my brother instead, he was pissed of course but he agreed to come by.

This is the part where I can’t really say much else without speculating. When we looked at the computer downstairs, a single word document was open and in large 72 font letters the words “Paper Please?” was typed in the document. It was saved under the same name. We found nothing else, no evidence that anyone unsavory was ever here. Also nothing noteworthy nor significantly valuable was taken from the house. If someone was there, they could’ve left while I ran for the hills but why anyone would be there at all unless it was to fuck with me? Even though I had ran through the back, the front was left unlocked. I have no idea who I should call or who I can even talk to. At this point, might just get a new fucking monitor.

Do you enjoy a glass of red or white blood cells?

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on: 11:52 AM, 06/30/18
The only critiaue I have for ths story is some sentence structure that can be easily cleaned up and that it feels a bit short.  You have a great thng going with the "adult being scared of the dark" angle (we all still are) and the ending feels rushed.  I'd add a bit more before the protag runs out of the house to build suspense.

Good work dude.


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on: 12:06 PM, 06/30/18
I love the concept of this one. The friendly request that the machines are making is creepy and hilarious. I feel like the execution could use some work though. Like Abysmii said some of the sentence structure is a little odd. While reading, I felt like I couldn't quite figure out the voice of the narrator, there were points where he was almost overly verbose and descriptive, and other parts where he seemed to speak more normally. I think this piece could be expanded and streamlined a bit without hurting the effectiveness of it being short.
   Though I do really like the parallel of the childishness of wanting sugary chocolate milk and the childishness of running barefoot out of the house instead of calmly and logically thinking of a way to deal with the situation, the story does feel a bit uneven to me. Mostly in terms of how much time is spent on the setup and descriptions of getting a drink compared to how the narrator feels while he's trying to figure out what is going on later and what to do about it.
   So yeah, I think this one could be stronger in terms of execution, but like I said, I really like the concept. I do wonder what the machine wanted to print though... or maybe it just wanted to let him know that he had no paper x3
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