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on: 01:58 AM, 07/27/18
                                                                    Hallot Island Police Department for Missing Person's Case

                                                                           For HIPD eyes only
Name: Jonas Earnheart Arestode
Species: Lynx
Age: Approximately 18-19 years old
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Blueish-green
Body Type: Slim build with broad shoulders
Height: 5'11''
Date of Disappearance: August 13th, 20XX
Extra Details: Has a scar on his left postauricular due to a benign growth(keloid) in his pinna. Has a glass eye due to being in a car accident when he was 6 years old. Takes quetiapine for his paranoid schizophrenia.

Details: At around 7:30 pm on the night in question, Mr. Arestode left his house to walk about 5 miles to go to a pre-season football game for his high school, the Lincoln Township Mushers, who were predicted to be the #1 seed overall in all of Galloway County. At around 8:45 pm, Mr. Tannerbau, the school's math teacher, saw the PIQ(Person in Question) pay for a ticket to get into the stadium. Mr. Tannerbau said that the PIQ looked happy and calm, but couldn't tell due to being about 75 meters from the PIQ.

At about 9:50 pm, the PIQ and his closest friend, one Mrs. Sinerati, walked with the PIQ to the nearest parking lot to have a cigarette. She provided HIPD about 60% of the conversation that was said on the night in question. A transcript can be found below:

                                                                          Transcript 1:
(Mrs. Sinerati cannot remember the first five minutes of the conversation, but knows that the conversation then turned to the PIQ's mental state)

Mr. Arestode: Ariel, I think my medicine isn't working anymore.

Mrs. Sinerati: Why do you say that, Jonas?

Mr. Arestode: I've... I've been feeling as though nothing is working with me. Everything I do just turns everything to stone and I know that, one day, I will become the stone that breaks the other stones.
                   I've also been starting to see and hear things at an ever increasing rate even when I'm on my medication. I've also been seeing these... these humanoid... things, if that's the best word for them. They are always looking to the side, so you can only see the right side of their face and the one eye that stares ever increasingly at you and your misdeeds. They also wear this coat and always have... something... something heavy in their hands. Kind of like a knife but I don't know.
                   I decided to do research on what these things could be and I "think" I found what they are. They are called the Wild Dogs. I couldn't find much on them, but I did find this nursery rhyme:
                            The wild dogs they talk at night
                             Oh! What a most dastardly fright!
                              Always keep something akin to a knife
                               Or else they will take your life

                                 They roll under a painted moon
                                  Counting the time that awaits your doom
                                   Stay out of the woods, through and through
                                    If you see one, don't take up their devilish truce.

                                       Some say they walk among us
                                         Some say they are the failure of God's first dust.
                                           If you see one, HUSH!
                                           Else they will flay and eat you without so much of a fuss.

(At this point, Mrs. Sinerati became disturbed and refused to listen to what she called the "loon ramblings of a cracker imbecile" and refused to tell police anymore)
            It is hard to pinpoint the exact time, but from 11:30-11:45 pm, the PIQ left the stadium to walk back home. At around 11:55 pm, Mrs. Arestode, known as Comnal Elise Arestode got a call from the PIQ. The transcript of the conversation is provided below:

                                                                          Transcript 2:

Mrs. Arestode: Hello?

Mr. Arestode(in a rushed tone): Hey mom. I'mma gonna be running a little bit late. Is that alright?

Mrs. Arestode: Yeah, that's okay, honey. IS there an----

Mr. Arestode: Thanks Mom!

(call is disconneted)

 By about 2 in the morning when the PIQ did not show up, Mrs. Arestode called the authorities. The authorites questioned any valuable witnesses, such as Mr. Tannerbau, Mrs. Sinerati, and Mrs. Arestode, but none could provide further evidence.
                   About a week later, on August 21st, a hiker walking the Kenneth CiderGold Trail, about 10 miles North away from the stadium and the PIQ’s house, a small knapsack was found near the Gold Incantation Stone(a stone supposedly created by the God Eriquato, the Cheif God of the Tamarati people. According to legend, Eriquato became angry with the inhabitants of Earth and cast two men(Gal-Sal(the Tamarati’s founder) and Sukkalgir(Gal-Sal’s brother)) and two women, Neithhotep(Gal-Sal’s wife) and Tharah(Sukkalgir’s wife), to go onto Hallot Island(which, at that time, was 2.5x smaller than it is today(at that time, around 9 ½ by 12 ½ miles) to live until Eriquato’s wild dogs were done ravaging the land. The Gold Incantation stone was a reminder of the land ravaged by the wild dogs.).
    Inside the knapsack were two water bottles, a pair of binoculars, and a bullet. Mrs. Arestode cannot explain why her son would have a bullet in his knapsack, as they did not own any guns. Next to the knapsack were the PIQ’s glass eyeball and a small digital camcorder. The lens was broken, but authorities were still able to retrieve the SD card. When authorities put the SD card into a computer, one single, 20 minute long film was found on it. Below is a Transcript:

            Transcript 3:
(Video starts up. Ferrati’s woods can be seen illuminated by a flashlight that wasn’t found anywhere in the aforementioned woods. Heavy breathing can be heard from behind the camera. At around 2 minutes and 45 seconds, the voice of the PIQ can be heard.)

Mr. Arestode: I need to hide. I NEED TO HIDE!

(Heavy breathing ensues for another 5 minutes. Forest creatures(such as skunks, deer, and raccoons) can be seen scattering when the light is shown onto them. At around the 10 minute mark, the PIQ stops by a tall pine tree and lays underneath it. His breathing becomes more steady. The PIQ then speaks)

Mr. Arestode: for whomever finds this, know that I’ve… I’ve made a grave mistake. I can hear those… things coming, and I should hush, or else they will flay and skin me without a fuss.

(A coyote howl(what is thought to be, as coyote are a major presence on the island) echoes through the woods, which makes the PIQ shake)

Mr. Arestode: Fuck!

(The PIQ then stands up and starts running. For about 8 minutes only heavy breathing can be heard. The video becomes shaky, as the PIQ seems to forget that he is holding it. At about the 19 minute mark, the PIQ stops next to the Gold Incantation Stone. He removes his glass eye to clean it when a twig snapping somewhere can be heard. As Mr. Arestode’s body turns(the camera, however, points directly at the Stone, which is in the opposite direction of the PIQ’s body posture.), he screams and drops the camera, yelling incoherently. The lens breaks, which ends the video in the process.)

    As of now, no further evidence has come forth regarding the disappearance.