Investigation of the TSA Phenomenon
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Posted by pmraptor115 on: 03:39 PM, 07/14/16
The following report documents the various experiments conducted on the tempero-spacial anomaly (Hereby referred to as TSA) following its discovery in Watertown, NY on October 13th 2016.  Research personnel are as listed;

Dr. Martha Taylor, particle physicist.
Dr. Masao Tanaka, quantum physicist.
Dr. Michael Edwards, astrophysicist.

Recording the research is Justin Warren, documentarian. It will be my duty to record the observations, experiments, and results that the research team will undertake.  I have also been tasked with observing the research staff themselves, monitoring their behavior for any signs of affectation by the TSA.  The Administration is interested in the possibility of the TSA to affect human psychological functioning in any observable way.  This aspect of my documentation has not been disclosed to the research staff.

Regular updates will be kept on every subsequent Monday following the beginning of research on November 23rd 2016.  Please note that all residents have been evacuated within a 50 mile radius of the TSA.  A closed circuit television network has been set up around the TSA to provide additional observation when personnel is sleeping.


Log 1: November 27th, 2016.

Initial observations confirm the original eyewitness descriptions of an intense magnetic pull that attracts objects up to 1000 feet away, further confirmed by the presence of a powerful electro-magnetic field.  As such, use of metallic objects must be kept to a minimum to prevent accidental injury.  Objects drawn to the TSA via magnetism vanish from sight upon approaching its center.

Visual observation of the TSA reveals some sort of photo-phenomenon, with no observable source for the light.  Light intensity is a steady 83 lux.  The center of the TSA measures 29.34 feet from top to bottom, and 18.44 feet in diameter, and hovers exactly 9 feet off the ground.  Researchers report what they can only describe as ‘thousands of pieces of broken light orbiting the TSA like shards of shattered glass.’

The air temperature surrounding the TSA is 3.3 degrees Fahrenheit higher that the surrounding air temperature (36 degrees Fahrenheit), creating a noticeable heat gradient from the TSA to the surrounding air. 

Log 2: December 5th, 2016

The TSA is unresponsive to any stimuli input by the research team so far.  The following stimuli were added to the TSA under controlled conditions.

Positive electrical charge
Negative electrical charge
Radio waves
Gamma radiation
Ultrasound waves
Infrasound waves
Ultraviolet light waves

Attempts to measure possible radiation from the TSA have been delayed due to the team’s Geiger counter being attracted and absorbed by the TSA. 

Dr. Tanaka reports a faint odor emanating from the TSA, but the other researchers cannot confirm this observation.  Dr. Tanaka describes the odor as being like that of ‘sour milk.’

Log 2: December 12th, 2016

The last 4 experiments have revolved around testing the effects of absorption by the TSA.  Previous observations indicated that objects attracted to the TSA disappeared from observation upon entering its center.  Possible hypotheses are that objects disintegrate entirely at the center, or that they are transported to another location. 

To test this hypothesis, Dr. Taylor approached the center of the TSA on a 9 foot tall wooden ladder, holding a 10 foot long retractable plastic pole.  She proceeded to insert the pole 5 feet into the center of the TSA before pulling it back out.  The pole showed no signs of physical or chemical change, observations that were later confirmed with more extensive testing.  Other types of material, both organic and in organic were tested later, all with the same results. A list of the tested subjects is as follows:

Hair (human)

These findings support the hypothesis that the TSA center leads to another as yet unidentified location in space-time.  Further testing will hopefully yield more evidence. 

Log 4: December 19th, 2016

Continued testing of the TSA center supports the idea that living beings can pass through it, unharmed to the other side. A shipment of 5 laboratory mice arrived on Saturday, December 17th, 2016, although one of the mice managed to escape.  The four remaining mice were secured to a 10 foot plastic pole and inserted into the center for a duration of 15 seconds.  Upon being retracted, the mice showed no signs of physical stress, though the actions had observable effects on their anxiety.  Physical examination of all 4 subjects reveals no observable changes in their physiology or physical well-being.

Some changes in their behavior have been noted, including pacing, refusal to eat, and minor self-harm (hair pulling).
Dr. Tanaka maintains the presence of a foul odor emanating from the TSA, though the other researchers deny sensing any such odor.  A service dog has been requested to investigate the possible scent further.

Log 5: December 26th, 2016

Due to the results of last week’s experiments, Dr. Taylor is seriously investigating the possibility of a possible human expedition into the Trans-TSA location.  In order to gather data necessary for preparing for such an endeavor, the research team piloted an aerial drone mounted with a camera into the TSA to record images of the other side.

Unfortunately, this investigation has thus far proven inconclusive.  Images taken from the drone are blurry, and shapes are often indiscernible.  In addition, audio from the drone is mostly static, combined with unidentified sounds which the research team likens to a ‘whooping monkey.’ (Further investigation found the closest facsimile to this sound to be the territorial calls made by the Siamang (Symphalangus synd,actlyus), a species of gibbon native to Southeast Asia.)  Dr. Edwards believes that this is the result of unidentified radio interference on the other side.

Two more of the research mice have disappeared.  There are no visible signs of escape.  The remaining two continue to show increasingly unhealthy behavior, namely lack of sleep and self-consumption.

A service dog, a German shepherd, was dispatched to the research site on Friday, December 23rd, 2016 to investigate the possible odor first reported by Dr. Tanaka.  Upon searching the site for approximately 3 minutes, the dog began to show signs of fatigue and loss of motor skills, stumbling into objects and collapsing regularly.  After 5 minutes, bleeding from the ears was reported.  For the sake of the dog’s physical and mental well-being, it was taken away from the site back to a nearby police station in Syracuse. 

Log 6: January 2nd, 2017

Because of what happened during that last few weeks of testing, the research time has decided not to try and go into the TSA.  They’re afraid that it might have bad effects on their health like it did with the dog and the mice.  Once of the mice has eaten enough of itself to kill itself, so we only have one left.  Also, we got a call from the police station and they say that the dog is starting to show the same signs as the mice.  It’s pulling its hair out and pacing around its kennel.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tanaka still says that he smells something bad coming from the TSA, but no one else can smell it.  They just think he’s imagining things. 

They tried to see if they could figure out if they could pick up the radio signals on the other side of the TSA, but they couldn’t.  The signal doesn’t travel through to this side for some reason. 
We’re starting to run out of food.  We should order more food soon.  We need more food. 

Log 7: January 10th, 2018

Sorry the log’s late.  All this crazy shit’s been happening.  A couple days ago, this thing fell out of the TSA.  It was big and bright green and shaped kinda like a starfish with seven legs except that it had this thing in the middle that looks like a balloon that keeps inflating and deflating.  It’s really gross looking.  Oh and it turned white when the guys dropped soem snow on it.  They did other stuff to it too, but it didn’t really do anything.  There’s these three blue things on its middle part.  Martha thinks they’re eyes or something ‘cause they follow you around all the time.  I think she’s right but maybe shes not.  Last week, Martha came to work without a shirt on.  I don’t know why but it was sweet.  Shes hot.  I think thats why Masao tried to have sex with her but I don’t think she wanted to have sex with him too.  We still need more food? Where’s the food??

Log 8: January 12th, 2017


Log 9: January 32nd, 2017

Sorry about the last message.  Don’t know what came over me.  We got the food though, and everyone’s been doing well since then.  Oh except the mice.  Theyre all gone.  They ate themselves.  Stupid mice.  We don’t eat ourselves except for when we do.  There are three starfish things now.  We dont know were the other two came from but one of thems red and the other too are white.  They didn’t show up on the camera.  Martha things they split apart like cells and I think shes right about that.  Everyone decided to not where shirts anymore.  Its easier to see the scratches this way.  Michael’s are the biggest but Masaos are the reddest. 

Log 10: feb 23rd 3017

masao was rite there is a smell here.  it smells awful like rotting milk just like he sad.  we can also now hear the sound that we heard on the cameras the one that sound like whooping monkeys.  it’s really loud.  It’s really really loud.  i want it to stop.  its making are ears bleed like that doggy i think rocket was his name.  theres more starfishes to like 12 or something.  some of them come form the tsa but sometimes they just appear.  we dont know were they come from but there really gross.  their backs are like balloons its so gross.  there gross.  and it hurts when they crawl on your back when your trying to sleep at night.  they dig into your back and take big bites.  we try to kill them but they just grow back again and there fire retardent.  the frost bite hurts to but there no clothes.  we burned all the clothes.  I dont know why we did that.  why did we burn all the clothes  somebody please help us please

Log 11: febluy #>[7], 1993

theres three of them and they all have the same first letter of their first name….does that scare anyone else???

Log 12: ??????????

what is the thing

Log 13: March 28th, 2017

After extensive testing, research into the TSA located at 43.9748° N latitude, 75.9108° W longitude is being suspended until further security precautions can be taken to ensure the protection of the research staff.  Upon review, the logs recorded by subject #12 (Warren, Justin M.) have demonstrated widespread adverse effects on both physical and mental health.  Dr. Michael Edwards was recovered from the site dead, having suffered severe frost bite on all of his extremities.  Drs. Martha Taylor and Masao Tanaka were found alive, both naked and suffering from frostbite on their arms and legs.  Upon psychiatric evaluation, it has been determined that both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Tanaka are unable to provide further reliable testimony as to their experiences researching the TSA.  The only member of the team not found was Justin Warren, who is presumed dead until further evidence comes to light.

During physical evaluation, all three staff were discovered to have suffered numerous severe cuts, most likely self-inflicted, mostly along the arms, and the chest, as well as hemorrhaging throughout the circulatory system.  There are also a number of deep punctured holes in the flesh of each researcher, primarily along the back.  The most likely explanation for these observations is that the influence of the sphere caused the staff to self-mutilate and cannibalize each other. However, there was no evidence to corroborate the reports of the unidentified life-forms mentioned in Justin Warren’s logs.  As these creatures were not mentioned until well after the signs of mental deterioration began to manifest, it can be safely assumed that these creatures were wholly hallucinatory in nature. 

The canine unit mentioned in the logs is reported to have died from infections sustained as a result of self-mutilation.
An evaluation of the logs will reveal which ones provide reliable information, and which ones can be filed away.  An unmanned drone will be dispatched in an attempt to track the TSA sphere of influence in order to determine if its effects might spread to a larger populace.  If it is determined that the TSA provides no further danger of contamination, then the current quarantine will be maintained.  If it is discovered that the effects are spreading to a wider area, then further and more extensive evacuation efforts will have to be introduced until the TSA can be effectively neutralized.

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Posted by lavecki on: 01:28 PM, 07/18/16
This is great. I really loved how the logs worked. The story was also really good. Hard to tell how they got their injuries and the possible hallucinations was also a good tie in. The ending worked really well. A final log from an outside source gives a bit more information.

The only thing I would critisize is that the logs appear to be getting sent somewhere, so it doesnt appear to be a journal as it originally comes off but more like reports that are sent on a weekly basis. It would be better to clarify which one of these it is. It is also suspect that, if they were reports, they would wait nearly a month without a report before sending people in, especially with the previous reports seen.

I would have also liked to see the logs not stick to rigid schedule after their descent into madness. You skipped a day, Jan 10 instead of Jan 9, but then imediatly went back to every Monday beyond the Jan 12 message and the skipping of 2 weeks. I would have liked to see more chaos in the Dates. Maybe even have the dates not be real dates as he cant keep track (Jan 45, Feb the Serbenth) It seems odd that someone who cant spell and stopped using capitals (which also, if they cant spell and arent using capitals, they might not have propper punctuation.) is getting the dates correct as to be able to put in a report every Monday.

Great story.

Posted by pmraptor115 on: 11:17 AM, 07/23/16
Thank you for reading.  Always appreciated.

What I had in mind is that we have these scientists doing their experiments, who are themselves being observed and recorded by a third party who is reporting to this organization.  I added a little thing at the beginning to explain this better.

Also, good suggestion about the dates.  I went back and did a little chronological weirdness to make it more effective.

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