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Posted by Abysmii on: 06:21 PM, 08/ 2/16
There has been a singular thought probing my mind, pretty much every day now.  I can’t stop contemplating at how much time I’ve lost.

How many quick hours have evaporated into the nothingness from which they came?  And, how foolish is it to fret over an arbitrary measurement on the passing of the Universe?

Still, I can’t help but wonder.

I stare at illuminated screens all day.  They are my day job.  They are my second job I wish was my day job.  They are my free time between my two jobs.  They are my night-light before I sleep.  They are my communication to the outside world.

Not that I interact much with the world outside.  Even if I had a partner, they undoubtedly would simply be a person to share the screens with.  I think I had someone at some point, but it is difficult to recall.

I once sat at a screen while a lover’s spat erupted outside my window.  I had not heard such volume and anger in a voice since my parents’ divorce long ago.  It was unclear how real the threats of violence being thrown back and forth were, so I erred on the side of doing nothing about the whole affair.  Just like during the divorce.

I later learned that one of the lovers killed the other.  Crime of passion?  I don’t know.

I haven’t purchased food in a month.  I haven’t consumed anything other than water for a week.  I bothered to consult a mirror for the first time in days this morning, and was unnerved by the pallid husk staring back.

I can’t tend to my mental or physical health, but I still manage to pay my bills on time.  I am unable to place the memory of paying said bills, however.  Maybe they are on an automatic system?  Either way, the screens stay on.

I know I mentioned sleep before, yet that has ceased being useful or necessary.  It’s difficult to sleep with the bright screens.

Come to think of it, the screens aren’t just bright, they are always on.  As I peer around my cramped apartment, my eyes are instantly drawn to my computer, tablet, TV, phone, even the clock on my microwave.

I don’t turn them off anymore.  I just watch them.  I just pay the bills so they can remain on.

I should go outside.

Can I go outside?

Posted by lavecki on: 08:39 AM, 08/ 3/16
Neat story. The lovers spat bit seems a little out of place. It just doesnt have the same tone as the rest of the story, though I can see what you were going for. Not much else to add. Good job.


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