The figure in the hall
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Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 11:25 PM, 01/16/19
So there's a story I must tell, it happened to me nearly a decade and a half ago. I don't quite remember the finer details or even an date. All I do know is it happened when I was roughly around the ages of four through six. Back when I lived in a house built in by my family in the early 1900's, by my great grandparents with help from their own parents. It was one of the first homes in the area, yet was built on the steepest spot of a hill. Where the gradual slope made its decline to a typical Nebraskan hill. My great grandmother would get the driveway paved almost yearly, until the end slopped nearly to the extreme of the hill.
They lived in the house until they passed, handing it off to my grandfather. At least five of my family members passed within the walls of the home; who knows how many may have passed in the area before them, natives or travelers heading out Oregon way but cut short. My great grandparents passed in their bedroom, within a year from each other of natural causes. My great grandmothers sister who never married lived and passed in the smaller of the rooms, again of "natural causes". My great aunt lived in the basement of the split level home, even in my youth I never saw her. However when she died I had to help removed her nightmare of a cat, and finally the last known death was my grandfather.
I do remember that day fairly well, my mother was taking me to see him; which was a normal occurrence, because I hated daycare. Even though it was out of her way my mother would take me over to see my grandpa to spend time with him. That day when we arrived at the house none of the lights seem to be on. This was the time before mainstream cell phones, and defiantly before my parents had gotten one. At the time we assumed he must have been asleep still, and we had our own key. My mother opened the door and the place was dark, but regardless I ran up the stairs before my mother could do anything. At the top of the stairs in the hallway to my left, he laid motionless. From there the days events become a blur, I was too stunned unable to fully comprehend the situation, just knowing something had changed.
This is how we came to live in the house, we were the last members of the family who still lived in the area and we simply couldn't let it go. It was in this house that some of the most unexplainable things happened to me from hearing noises that weren't there, like a television while no one else was home. Or the garage door opening and when going to check the door was closed. Things that could be seen as a child's imagination running a bit freely. While living in this house I developed night terrors for no explainable reason, that still plague me from time to time. One night however I saw something that is completely unexplainable.
I awoke in the night having to use the bathroom, much like any child would. My bedroom was the smallest one, where my mothers great aunt had slept in previously, it was across the hall from the bathroom. I had climbed down from the oddly large bed my parents had gotten me, one that covered most of the space with its various drawers. Now like I mentioned before my memories of the events aren't clear, but I do know what I saw. It was when I opened my door a very tall and stark white figure was making its way down the hall to the other rooms in the house.
The figure was obscenely tall, extending in height to the ceiling of the hall. It must have been around eight to ten feet tall, to tall to be either my mother or father. It seemed feminine, though there was no visible indication of any gender. The figure just gave off a presence that seemed to delicate to be a mans. It wore a long flowing cloak or gown, as stark white as it's skin, that contrasted against the hall giving out a small glow. The gown was similar  to that of a woman in a medieval painting of a handmaid or possibly a nun. The only notable items where the long dress with a head piece, that covered most of the head except the facial area. The features of the figures face seemed to be sharp, but not noteworthy enough for me to remember.
It was at this point, for whatever reason I simply shut my door and crawled into bed, to the best of my recollection I just went back to sleep. Never wanting to question about the figure in the hall, but by how my older sister seemed to react to strange noises I felt she had seen it too. I still think about the figure to this day questioning what it was or meant. I don't think it was a burglar simply by the way they where dressed, and how nothing was missing or broken the next day. The figure itself almost seemed to pop out at you like when you use white out on lined paper. It just didn't blend in right and almost screams to be seen. Perhaps one day I'll go back to that house and find my answers.

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