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The case of Charlie Creek
By Destiny and Thomas DiMattei
My name is Lauren Evans and I was a social worker for CPS. My first and last case involved Charlie Creek. He was a six-year-old boy at the time. As soon as the papers touched my hands my head began to pound and my gut was uneasy. As I took up the reading of Creeks case tears began slowly running down my face. what I was reading brought a soul-crushing pain into my heart.
Not even the day after unexplainable things started happening. I developed a rash. I would notice an overwhelming smell of smoke that couldn’t be traced. As time went on and the day that I was supposed to see Little Charlie approach things slowly got worse. I noticed the sounds of footsteps, bangs, nocks, whispers and laughter. There were a few times when I detected short bursts of faint music that came from everywhere and nowhere all at once. I also had trouble eating because everything tasted burnt. What freaked me out the most was when I woke up to a burning hot sensation. I immediately started putting ice cubes down my body as I felt the warmth escaping me. After that I was shaking with terror. I had so many questions, yet there were no answers in sight.
My boss took me off the case because of all that happened. I pleaded with him but he told me that I was too emotionally invested. As I yelled I felt my credibility fall through my grasp. As I took a step out for some fresh air, I felt as though I was being drawn to that family.
As I came closer to the house the steering wheel burned like an overused lighter. The minute that I got to the house the windows started to fog up. Words were written on the windows by unseen hands. I read the words as they were written, "Through fire we burned and through the ashes we rise.”
I rushed out of the car and to my surprise Charlie was standing nearby. I told him my name and asked him where his aunt was. He walked slowly into the house and pointed into the restroom where Dana was passed out with her face hanging over the toilet. A half-empty bottle was grasped tightly in her hand. The smell of stale boos permeated the air making me feel light headed and causing my stomach to flip. I hurried up to see if she was still alive. She mumbled “They burned, they rise, they died,” repeatedly. It shook me to the core because there were many voices coming out of her mouth at once. At first, I was paralyzed by shock and fear and I stood there as I realized that I just pissed myself. She suddenly straightened and threw the bottle at me. It bounced off my head and shattered sending a piece of glass flying up to hit me right above my right eye.
I stumbled my way-out side after that and tripped off the last step cutting my bottom lip and chipping one of my teeth in the process. I reached in my pocket to get my phone, but Charlie came out and slammed my phone onto the ground as it broke and sparks flew. he started screaming that he couldn’t leave his pop, granny, daddy, mommy and others. I realized that they tragically lost their lives a year ago on this day. Then he said, “It's time,” with excitement as he ran into the half-burnt barn.
I followed him in as I heard whispers, crying, and screams. Then the barn filled up with smoke. I knew I had to find him. After a spark blinded my vision for a second the barn burst into flames unexpectedly. All I could do is scream at the top of my lungs for Charlie as I ran out of the barn. On the way, out I bumped into Dana. Before she went into the barn she yelled, “I will rise.” As I watched the barn go down in flames I heard music and laughter until the barn was no more.
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