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on: 01:27:12 PM 11/14/17
I haven’t gotten very far, but I figured I should go ahead and share what I do have :)

    I stared at the round silver padlock on the storage unit door. It didn’t look very old, which made sense really. According to the paperwork, Seán had only had the space for a couple of year. Not long after he’d been diagnosed with cancer. Inoperable, incurable cancer that had taken his life way too soon. I sighed and started moving again.
    As I fit the key into the lock and turned, I wondered, not for the first time, why he’d left his unit to me. I hadn’t talked to him since we graduated high school. He was a basketball player, already 6 feet tall as a freshman and he added 4 more inches by the time we became seniors, and very popular. He looked every bit of his Irish heritage, with flaming red hair, emerald green eyes, and tons of freckles. Loud and cheerful and friendly, everyone adored him, including me. I sat behind him in history class and