The Finish Line.
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Posted by Lysdoodle Weaver on: 01:38 PM, 12/ 8/17
Hey, over here!

Congratulations, it's  December 8th. You made it, you're  finished! The panic, the frustration, that thing at Mile Marker 18,it's  over. You've  put your story out there and - hopefully - helped someone else forge their into something legible. It's  finally done.

Well, actually we've just finished part one, but let's not think about that. Right now is a time to rest and relax.

Over there by the trees are the bathrooms for those who've  been holding it for 38 days. ( you might want to see a doctor about that. First aid is in that tent there). The pink and blue tent is full of snacks for the hungry and that camper is suprisingly roomy and full if bed for those who refused to sleep this entire time.  The massuers and taco truck will be here soon to deal with  writing cramps and provide comforting tacos; there's  a slight traffic jam due to still ongoing Nano celebrations.

Those dummies lined up to my left here are available for anyone with a serious urge to hug it out or destroy things in order to deal with remaining frustrations. Isolation rooms are the orange sheds behind me. Anyone questions can be addressed to your favorite spirit, elemental or philosophical figurehead. They won't  have any answers you can understand, but who does?

So, congratulations again. Rest up, relax and remember that the Well of Drinkable things is this one with the bright green flags and not the one with


We're  gonna fix that.

I'm  proud off all you.

Lysdoodle Weaver

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Posted by oilage on: 07:50 PM, 12/ 8/17
Can't wait for whats to come!

Posted by Kwiykov on: 07:52 PM, 12/ 8/17
Hell is empty, all the devils are here...but we are finally free. Also do you have cake in this celebration area?

Posted by Rika84 on: 09:12 PM, 12/ 8/17
The real cake is the friends you made along the way.

Posted by Lysdoodle Weaver on: 09:49 PM, 12/ 8/17
Rika' s absolutely right.

It's also either behind the pyramid surronded by the moat of fruit tarts, or it is the pyramid. Try and if if something darkly red oozes it then it was probably most definitely intended to be cake at one point. That's  what  the baker wrote on this Post-it when it appeared anyway