Fleming Unit #32: (No title yet) WIP
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Posted by bdsoccer on: 11:18 PM, 11/ 4/17
     When the sheet metal door clattered open, the first thing I wanted to do was strangle my cousin. The damn place was filled with so many boxes and dusty pieces of furniture, there was only a sliver of a pathway to get to everything else in the back.
     "Just a few boxes, my ass!" I groaned. This was going to be a nightmare.
     When David had called me earlier in the week, begging me to go to his mother's unit and clear it out, he hadn't made it seem like it was a big deal. He was really only panicking because he was on vacation with his family until October 15th, and he couldn't find anyone else in the area able to do it. Luckily for him, he's got a pretty cool cousin attending MSU Northern. I decided to use this as an excuse to take a long weekend. The plan was to drive over to David's house after I finished my 9 am class on Thursday so I could grab the keys to his van and the paperwork for the unit before heading over to the Fleming Storage Unit Center. I'd clear it out, bring it over to David's, and spend Friday sorting through it all before heading back to school for the weekend.
     Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be that easy. There was only so much room in the van for all this stuff. Not only would this require more than one trip, but I would also have to sort through at least some of it on site in an attempt to trash things that didn't need to be transported.
     I groaned again, but began pulling out boxes.
     I was in such a bad mood, I didn't even bother to open the first couple of boxes. I just plunked them down in the van where they fit and went back for the next.
     Despite my foul temper, the methodical work eventually allowed me to calm down. I was actually pretty productive that first day. I sorted through about half of those boxes, finding the most random things from a box of Grip Rite nails to a bunch of old magazines and newspapers. Putting my headphones in to drown out the faint saxophone music playing a couple units away probably helped with my productivity. Deciding to deal with everything else tomorrow, I locked up for the night and headed out.
     I decided to reward myself with a milkshake from Inspector Moo Moos. It was pretty good, and probably worth sitting through the performance the high schoolers put on that night instead of seeing Steel Magnolias on campus like I'd wanted to. Really, though, I was just trying to procrastinate. I wasn't looking forward to going through the boxes again. From what I saw when I was initially poking through them, I was in for a night of digging through bug corpses.
     Finally, I made it to David's house and unloaded the boxes into his living room. When I was pulling the last of them out of the van, I realized I had totally forgotten to go back and check the boxes that I had loaded in the beginning, so that was my first priority.
     There was a particularly tall box that peaked my interest first. After removing the lid, I was greeted with my uncle George's old clothing. I could tell because of the brown plaid shirt folded right at the top. I didn't remember my uncle very well, but I did have a vague memory of being held against that shirt. I pulled it out and felt it between my fingers. Despite the years and what must have been at least thousands of bugs going through the unit, it was still in pretty good shape. It felt soft, too, so I put it on. It was supposed to be a joke, but it was actually really comfortable.
     I turned to the next box. Whatever was in that one had made a loud and satisfactory clunk when I dropped it into the van from the side door. Hoping that everything inside was still intact, I pulled open the lid.

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