Fleming Unit #40: Innocent Inattentiveness
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Posted by Angelbain on: 12:59 PM, 11/ 4/17
Waking up before noon after working a graveyard is a real bitch.  Picking up the cup of coffee I’d picked up from Holliday.  Taking a swig letting the bitter black sludge run over my tongue.  Stopping at the front gate, I put down the cup of hell tar, and dug through my glove compartment for my papers.  Taking them out I flashed the papers to the cop on duty, and made my way to unit 40. taking out my key I unlock the shed.  Pulling the sliding door open, I took my time to take in what had been my man cave for the past three years.
The retro video game posters clung to the grey cracking walls, well creased and faded from the years spent in a dresser when i was a child.  Under the poster for doom sat a typewriter on a rather large desk, the floor around it awash in crumpled failed manuscripts.  Pushed off to a corner sits a stool with a saxophone resting on top of it.  Finally my eyes landed on the red cooler in the middle of the room.  Where did that come from?  Had I brought it?  It’d been almost two months, that was my birthday, so bringing a red cooler was possible.
I reached down and pull open the case, not really sure what to expect.  A six pack of Red’s Apple Ale greets me, the cooler empty except that.  Taking out one of the bottles, it was warm, that was not a big surprise if I had brought it with me the last time I was here.  I slid my hand back into the cooler, searching for a bottle opener.  One rested just to the side of the six pack.  I took it out and noticed the little white slip of paper.  Turning it over in my hand, I glanced at it.  “Thinking of you,” was all that was written on the slip.  Had I received this as some sort of present?  The past two months at the hospital had been such a blur, I just can’t seem to recall.
I shrugged to myself, popping open the bottle, I would have to figure out who sent me the cooler and thank them.   The ale tasted fine, granted the shed hadn’t been too humid so no big surprise there.
I took the time to take out the posters, and the six pack.  I had planned to take my time with this job,  I wanted to revel in the last days of my man cave.  I wouldn’t have a chance like this for awhile.
Gently placing the posters in the back of the car, I made sure they were safe and weren’t going to tear, before climbing into the front seat of the car and placing the closed cooler in the passenger seat.
The purr of the engine, greeted my ears when I started the car.  The mystery of my new prize would have to wait.  Turning out to the left I glanced out across the strip mall.  It was a bit early, but I hadn’t really had anything to eat since about midnight.  I turned into the plaza, I parked the car into a spot right in front of Inspector Moo Moo’s.  It’d been awhile since my last visit.  Partly because the theme had grown a little thin, but mostly my job kept calling me in.  Still their food was good, and the malts were to die for.  Pity I wasn’t here for one.  Making sure the windbreaker was snuggly on my body, I got out of the car.  The cold morning air smacked me in the face, it hadn’t seemed as bad back at Fleming’s.  Granted the sheds themselves’ somewhat protected from the wind, unlike the plaza which was mostly open.
Rushing inside I opened the door and was greeted by a warm room and a sweet scent wafting in.  Stepping up to the counter I saw Lauren working the counter today.  Looking at me hard she demanded, “What do you want Greg?”
Internally letting out a sigh I took a glance up at the board.  Was she like this with everyone or just me?  I mean sure, I could be a bit of a dick in highschool but that was years ago.  Having picked my order I looked back to her,  “I’ll take a Bogart burger, with a cup of Mocha my sweet.”
She punched in the order and took my cash.  I took a seat at a booth and waited for my food in the relative silence of the day, my gaze focused in on the Fleming Unit’s.  This was the busiest I had ever seen it.  It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen people around when I came to chill, but I did feel like I had the run of the place.  The thunk of the tray reached my ears, I turned offering Jennifer a weak smile.  “How has business been going?”
“Still slow, why can’t more residents stop in,” she asked her voice dripped with that classic movie feel.  God I loved that accent, besides the food her accent was one of the main things that drew me in.  It brought back the happier times with Briana, who also shared an accent like that.  How long had it been since I thought about her?
Feeling the sweet rush of the drink, wash over my tongue and wipe out that gas station coffee, I mulled that thought over.  Everytime I see that hole she made in the wall… but besides that, when had I honestly thought about her?  I quietly ate my burger, my thoughts consumed by the girl I once loved.  I sighed getting up to my feet, this was not what I had expected when I came here.
Bracing myself I stepped out into the cold temperature, and rushed back to my 1964 Chrysler I start it up.  I left the plaza heading home.
Putting my key into the lock I turned, only to find that it was already unlocked.  Did I leave my front door unlocked?  I mean sure I had left the house this morning half awake, but would I have forgotten to lock the door?  Pushing it open, princess hopped up to me.  Bringing the large white rabbit up, I scratched behind her ears.  “Did you let yourself out of your cage Princess?  You know you shouldn’t do that.”
Princess rests her head against my shoulder  Carrying her with me back to my room, I glanced around the room, spotting her collection of toys.  Placing her on the ground, I picked up the toys and spent the better part of two hours just playing with her.  From here my day off routine went pretty much as normal: I cleaned Princess’s cage; lost more time than I’m willing to admit, just pushing my through a game I’d already beaten more than a dozen times.  By the time it hit me it was time to eat my stomach was already singing the gurgles of protest.  After making sure Princess was safely locked in her cage, I set about using the limited skills I had to make a decent steak.  Taking my first forkful the limited spices I had used it tasted, alright.  Sighing I pour on some A1 sauce, maybe one of these days I won’t need to use it to cover the taste of burnt from it.
Taking a look at the time I realized there was still time before I had to work that extra shift tomorrow.  Taking out the worn beaten phone from my pocket, I shot a quick text to a friend asking if they wanted to go see a movie with me.
Only about ten minutes later we were in front of the theater debating what to watch.  Finally deciding on the new Blade Runner movie, in all honesty it wasn’t the greatest thing I’d ever seen but it wasn’t the worst either.
Parting ways, I headed off to my car when I got a call.  My phone displayed a number, I didn’t recognize.  I didn’t save many numbers on my phone, so it could be someone I knew.  I answered with a hearty, “Hello?”
Only the distant background chatter, and what I thought was my voice could be heard.  Looking around at the thinning crowd, I spotted no one really with their phone up.  Was this some kind of prank?  My friend could’ve easily followed me, and used a burner phone to prank me.  Scanning the crown to spot any sign of someone I knew, I caught a streak of red move around the corner of the building.  Walking nonchalantly I continued to speak into the phone.  “Ted is that you?  This isn’t funny if it is.”
Turning the corner, I found… nothing, just an empty lot with a couple of parked cars and a dumpster.  Ted wasn’t the kind of guy to get anywhere near a trashcan, not even on a joke.  Fuck it, I’m tired I have work in the morning and haven’t slept much besides the three hours this morning.
Returning home, I collapse on the couch falling into a deep dreamless sleep.
Waking up the next morning, I find myself in my bed.  How had I gotten here, I remember falling asleep on the couch.  Sitting up a peculiar scent hit my nostrils, it’s a fruity smell.  It’s not an unpleasant one, though it does bring back bad memories.  God Briana was clingy, if I wasn’t home at a particular time I would hear about it.  Accusations that I didn’t love, or how she was the only girl I could trust.  Verbal tirades about how without her I would be nothing.  Thinking back on it now, the man cave in the storage units was something she allowed me to have.  That was the thing that led to our relationship ending.  When I had time to myself, I realized what it was like to be happy, and how I didn’t have it when I was with her.  It took about a year to work up the courage to kick her out, and when I did it was another three months before she finally stopped calling.
Shaking my head I cleared my thoughts.  That was in the past, I’m past that, and have more important things  to focus on.  I must’ve been half awake and stumbled into my room.  It’s not like the couch is comfortable at all.  Assured that no one had been in my home but me last night, I stood up and walked the few rooms to my computer.  I had a goal in mind today, booting it up I set out to find another storage shed to make a man cave out of.  A quick google search pulled up nothing, the nearest storage units were hours away.  Great, I guess having it here at home might be a better idea, especially during the winter nights.
After a quick meal of eggs and bacon, I take a long walk around the town.  The wind had picked up a lot since yesterday, I zipped up my jacket the rest of the way.  I finally found myself returning home fifteen minutes before I was supposed to work.  Rushing around to get ready, I almost missed that the fruity smell had increased.  Having no time to really sit and ponder the smell, I rushed out the door and got my ass to work.
The next twelve were pretty average, I did my usual stuff as a nurse, ran around helping patients answering calls from companies to collect medical records.  Like I said it was a pretty normal day, with one exception.  Linda approached stating that she had no Idea Bree was back in town.  I calmly told her that as far as I knew she was still out in DC.  Linda just shrugged her shoulders and asked, “Do you want to get a couple of drinks after work?”

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Posted by urkelbot666 on: 10:48 AM, 11/ 9/17
The plot is sort of intriguing so far, feels stalker-ish. I found the writing a little odd at parts, and at some points the narration seemed a little mechanical. Like "I did this, I did that. I did this." Maybe mixing up the sentence structure would make the narrative more interesting? ^^' I like the interaction with the girl at MooMoo's, and Princess the bunny :)

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