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Posted by DSBlake on: 07:58 PM, 11/ 2/17
There's a few extra details I'd like to know that I'm unsure about from looking at the writers pack. These sorts of places are laid out a bit differently in my country:

EDIT: Got some official responses back via email, answers in bold

1) Can vehicles be brought on site at the FSU and parked up by the units for loading/unloading? Yup

2) What is the ground in the area between the units? Asphalt, concrete, dirt? Concrete

3) Are there lights inside the units? No lights built into the unit.

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Posted by Rika84 on: 07:59 PM, 11/ 2/17
Did you try e-mailing your questions directly to the project e-mail? That way you'll get an official response and we don't have to make assumptions.
I'd like to know those things myself, actually.

Posted by DSBlake on: 08:04 PM, 11/ 2/17
I thought we might get official responses here; I'll send the questions along by email.

Posted by DSBlake on: 10:06 PM, 11/ 2/17
I got some answers back to the questions:

1. Yup.
2. Concrete.
3.No lights built into the unit.

I'll edit them into the first post as well.

Posted by Rika84 on: 10:11 PM, 11/ 2/17
Thanks so much for finding these out!