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Hey guys! Please post your character/summary info over in the Masterlist thread! Let's see if we can trim this down to just locations and times.

Okay! This is the Location Collaboration thread. Big thanks to Lavecki for running the events thread and helping to collect/organize info!

Please post things like this:
Unit #xx is going to be at PLACE on DATE at TIME. Describe what can be seen/heard/smelled/sensed at this time and any relevant details.
So people can NOTICE YOU!

REMEMBER: Collaboration doesn't have to result in a big event, or even dialog! It can be as simple as dedicating a single sentence to noticing another character's actions or presence.
"Subtlety is king, detail is queen, and less is always more."

Fleming Plaza Information here

Detailed weather Forecast here

Location ideas we don't have yet:
Hotel; Truck/Trailer rental; Auto-repair garage; Halloween store; Post office; Police station



Fleming Plaza Information here

Super 8 hotel, 1901 US-2, Havre, MT 59501 [Website] (#6, #35, #44, #116, #132)
-- ROOMS CLAIMED: 105, 111, 134, 202, 219, 221
--"Ugly purple linens with big lime green circles on them on everything from the bed to the curtains, nice flat screen TV, and a free continental breakfast." (#132)
--"while their continental breakfast is wide and varied in its fair, it's also not very good (stale cereals, sweating danishes, warm fruit juice)." (#35)
--"Super 8 night manager is an overly perky woman in her late 40s named Rita" (#132)
--Other guests: "a tall, thin, bespectacled woman with curly blonde hair, and her two children aged ~6 and 9. While the lot of them are reasonably quiet, the children will not shut the hell up about the hotel's lack of pool." They are in room 221 (#35)

Best Western Plus Great Northern Inn, 1345 1st St, Havre, MT 59501 [Website] (#64)
--There's a separate building that allows pets!

Siesta Motel, 600 1st St, Havre, MT 59501 [Website] (#23, #92)
-- Has 2 floors
-- There will be a noisy disturbance here around 10pm on the 11th.

"Cheapest motel" (#94)
Cheap hotel (#105)


Events/Time Stuff
Various times:
Stars and Bards: There are mannequins donning costumes here. #50 might know something about that...
Lantern Buffet: #49 family will probably visit most nights

Tuesday, October 10:
Stars and Bards:
--#51 is here around noon to show something to Gregg

Unit #51: Mid Afternoon - Unit #51 will be sitting in the driver's seat of a U-Haul van crying (Please leave him alone).

Unit #68: (around 6pm) Ned from #68 will need help loading a couple filing cabinets, and some boxes of paperwork. Be a good neighbor and help him!

Marg Madness:
--#40 will probably stop by sometime

Inspector Moo Moo's:
--#64 will be by sometime

Sommerville Wine Emporium:
-- #6 will be here at 8pm, people-watching (also on the 11th)

Wednesday, October 11:
Stars and Bards:
-- #98, Ned, will be visiting Stars and Bards first thing in the morning
--#17 will be bringing some 80's toys in around noon to see if they're worth anything. Stop in for a look! [Post]

Marg Madness:
--#44 will be here after 6pm

Sommerville Wine Emporium:
-- #6 will be here at 8pm, people-watching (also on the 10th)

Thursday, October 12:
-- attending the play: #23, #132 (PLEASE JOIN if interested! We need to write the show!)
-- #23 will be hanging around most of the day, though, but would appreciate if you don't disturb her focus

Lantern Buffet:
--Unit 39 will be here at 4pm, he'll be seeing a redheaded woman rush out before she gets any food at 4:30 pm. She'll have dropped a $20 on the table before leaving. She has a pixie cut, red hair, green eyes, a small birth mark in the shape of a comma below her lip, she's only like 5'7". Please do notice her if you're around the plaza at 4:30!

Stars and Bards:
-- #5's two sons visit around 9 or 10am
-- #44 will stop by in the morning to play Street Fighter

Marg Madness:
-- #5 and family will be here at 11am

Hopper's Consignment
-- #5 and family will be by around noon
-- #17 will be here at 4:30pm. "He speaks with Hopper for a few minutes before running out of the store, seemingly frightened, or harried about something. Once outside, Gregg from Stars and Bards yells to him "Thanks again for that Blowtorch! I've got a bit of a bidding war going on here for him!" (Blowtorch is a G.I. Joe figure.) But Dan just runs away to his truck in the parking lot."

Unit 40: Unit 40 will be playing sweet sounds of saxophone blues in the afternoon. How does your character feel about the blues?

Unit 110: The smell of holiday spices can be detected wafting in the area from afternoon to evening!

Space For Rent:
-- #35's truck will be parked outside until closing time [Post]

Friday, October 13:
FSU Gate:
-- Deputy Scherker will having a quick conversation with #52 at about noon.

Plaza parking lot:
-- #116 will be sitting in her truck ~1-2pm

Unit 20: A GUNSHOT will be heard at exactly 4:38pm. NOT HAPPENING ANYMORE ACTUALLY. Sorry.

Unit 35: #35's truck will be parked by the unit. [Post]
They'll be here and at their unit around 11am

Unit 39: Unit 39 will be throwing boxes into their unit from noon to 6pm.

Unit 50: At 4:30pm... well, sex sounds can be heard from within. No need to investigate... Just... react...

Unit 90: #90 will be beating the heck out of a keyboard (the piano kind) early in the morning. Poor guy...

Unit 92: around 5pm Several men, one of whom was fairly disheveled and beaten up, talking outside of unit 92

Unit 116: #116 will be at their unit from 11am to 1pm

Marg Madness:
-- #116 will drop by at 2pm
-- #132 will be in for a chimichanga

Saturday, October 14:
Lantern Buffet: #58 will be here

Inspector Moo Moo's:
-- #116 will be here at 10am, staring at a notebook. Interaction welcome!


The People List
"#5 is a small family, father in his late 50's and two sons one in his early 20's the other high school age, the father reeks of tobacco smoke and is clearly a backwoods hunter of a sort, the elder son obviously follows in the footsteps as well but the younger son seems a  They would be recognized as the males of the Huxley family to any locals, they are well known for heading out of town and hunting in the Rockies several times a year and this time of year is right around when they would be going for the last time."
they'll be visiting their unit at the crack of dawn on the 12th and will stay until about noon, the two sons will be checking out the stars and bards sometime around 9 or 10 while their dad has a pipeful in the units. the whole family will be popping into the Tex-Mex restaurant around 11 and finally the consignment store right around noon before they drive off out of town to the west.

"Unit #6 here.  He is a microwave engineer who would is on a specific mission and has to talk with only a couple key individuals.  Still, he will be at whatever common cafe there is in town in his off-time, drinking coffee.  Although is from out of town, he was born and raised in Havre for about 9 years. He will be checking in to the Super 8 in room 202 at 3 PM on October 10th, leaving on the 14th. [Post]

"Unit 11 ... went to the wedding on the 9th, ... did some hangover recovery on the 10th, and [present papers to storage facility] on the morning of the 11th. They are eventually going to Marg Madness in the evening of the 11th or 12th depending on if I want or need the story to last 2 days. The niece, Mary Ann, is going to the Stars and Bards sometime around noon to mid-afternoon on the 11th." [Post]

"FSU-13 here... Surely out of town and surely being sliiiightly odd. Comes to retrieve inherited stuff from her late grandmother's storage, who was a Harve resident a few years or so. Her house is sold now and most of the current owner's belongings are in FSU-13." [Post]

#17 will be bringing some 80's toys (GI Joe, Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies) in to Stars and Bards on the 11th! [Post]

"Unit #23's character is an out-of-towner who will be staying in a hotel. Looking for at least one other character to stay in the same hotel to share some kind of experience." (That's me. ^_^)

"35: The unit is actually owned by Shannon Gorski, and Mr. 35 (Michael Danvers) is helping her by clearing it out after she was wheelchair bound by an automotive accident last month. He's not thrilled about it, but he is curious." Staying at the Super 8. "He drives a 1978 Chevy pickup truck (white on red motif, you know the one) which he inherited from his uncle." [Definitely see Post for details on that truck!] [Post]
Getting a room at the Super 8 at ~7 p.m., Thursday the 12th. Protag will be carrying two moderately sized cardboard boxes, and will likely look a little road-weary.
Unless it's already claimed, I'll take room 119, which would put that trio (tall woman and two annoying children) next door in room 121.
Will leave the hotel on Friday the 13th, a little after 10 a.m., carrying the same boxes. Will arrive at the storage units around 11 a.m.

"39 is from out of town, but his mother lives in town on a farm just outside the town. He might swing by the Lantern Buffet on the 12th, but it's really up in the air right now." [Post]
"Unit 39 will definitively be going to Lantern at 4pm on the 12th, he'll be seeing a redheaded woman rush out before she gets any food at 4:30 pm. She'll have dropped a $20 on the table before leaving."

"This is unit 40 here, my guys a local who works at the local hospital. Probably going to Marge Madness on the 10th" [Post]

"Unit #44 here. A 27-year-old woman from Powell, Wyoming ... Gonna grab a drink at Marg Madness on the 11th after 6:00 pm, hit the hay at the Super 8, then play some Street Fighter at Stars & Bards the next morning before leaving Havre." [Post]

"Unit 49 here. My character is an 18-year-old girl who lives just outside of town. She will be at the unit from 2:30 to 6:00 on the 10-13 and was there all day on the 14. ... My main character drives a royal blue mini van with her sister and brother. Her friend's dad drives a black and red pick-up truck with this friend. After they are done most knights they dicide to go to the Latern buffet. So, if you want to run in to them you know whair." [Post]

"Hello, neighbor, 51 here. Although you might not see my guy, he's getting there on the 10th and wants to get everything cleared out as soon as possible. Might be gone by the time you get there." [Post]

"Number 52: A bearded man of about 40 in a brown leather jacket will drive a fairly beaten-up but well maintained white van up to the unit at about noon on the 13th." [See Post for more Details] [Post]

"I'm #60 and there will be two people (a couple) who recently moved to this town from the town over. They're currently both working and planning on getting married sometime next year. I'd be happy to interact with other people in any way. Also my storage container has old childhood memorabilia in it (drawings, photos, home movies, old toys/stuffed animals, etc.)"[Post]

"Unit #64 belonged to my character's older brother who moved to Havre around 2005 to work at the Too Close For Comfort archeological site after college.  ...  At some point she'll be visiting Hopper's Firearms." [Post]
"Claira will be at Unit 64 on the 10th around 10AM and leave around 11AM with a small safe ( and the big container of LEGO.  She drives a black 1989 Ford Bronco with North Dakota plates.  Mr. Whiskers, a Maine Coon, will be in the vehicle and likely on the dashboard watching people or sleeping while Claira is inside the unit." [Post]

"Unit #88 here. Kim, a former resident of Havre, returning to his home town to help his cousin "Teach" finally go through his deceased parents storage unit." Will be going to Stars and Bards on the 11th or 12th to get rid of some tabletop/card games. [Post]

"I'm Unit 90. 90 keeps to himself, 90 just wants to get his shit and get out." [Post]

"I'm Unit 92, he's staying in the cheapest motel he could find and is trying to keep attention off of himself and his cargo." [Post]

"Unit 94, Old Punk who is fairly friendly but rough and not one to censor herself. Smokes a lot and is very into the cheap margaritas at Marg Madness, came with a cousin who bails on her almost instantly and is staying at the cheapest motel she can find." [Post]

"#98 will most likely be staying close by. There's a lot of files to get packed away, and he isn't going to miss out on checking Stars and Bards for his secret spinning love." "#98, Ned, will need help loading a couple filing cabinets, and some boxes of paperwork near the end of the day. He will also be visiting Stars and Bards first thing in the morning. [Post]

"Hi! #100 is back in her hometown to empty out the storage unit she inherited from a friend she hasn't seen or spoken to in years." [Post]

#105 "two characters who are out of towners who are actually just stopping by on their way to a convention. ... They'll definitely want to stay at a cheep hotel but their priority is getting out in a timely manor. They'll go to Marg Madness often. There from the 10th to the 12th." [Post]

"Hey, Unit #116 here. My character is returning to the hometown of her estranged parents; she'll probably be staying in a motel close by." [Post]
Staying in Room 134 at the Super 8, from the afternoon of October 12th to the morning of October 15th

"Unit 132 here. My girl is a 30 year old Estate Liquidator she is a bit strange but perky she has decided to stay at the old Super 8 a little ways down the street." "My gal will be staying in room 105 so if someone wants to have a run in with me you know where to find me." [Post]

I'm Unit 90. 90 keeps to himself, 90 just wants to get his shit and get out.

I'm unit 64, my character is from out of state and is totally unfamiliar with the area so will be looking for a hotel to stay at.

I'm Unit 92, he's staying in the cheapest motel he could find and is trying to keep attention off of himself and his cargo.

39 is from out of town, but his mother lives in town on a farm just outside the town. He might swing by the Lantern Buffet on the 12th, but it's really up in the air right now


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