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Posted by stex85 on: 06:35 AM, 11/ 5/17
Unit #50 - Alternate Allen

MC owns the unit, it contains a mannequin. Sexy times ensue.

Posted by stex85 on: 06:37 AM, 11/ 5/17

Posted by Rika84 on: 08:46 AM, 11/ 5/17
I don't have a title or WIP yet;
#23 is the granddaughter of a local couple. Grandfather is ailing (in a home) and grandmother is not able to handle the unit on her own. The unit belongs to Grandfather, and he neglected to tell anyone about it until now. The narrator will be visiting both grandparents to clear up some unexpected things she finds in the unit.

Edit: oh, is that what's going on in unit 50? Gross. XD

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Posted by Letrune on: 05:38 PM, 11/ 5/17
Sure points on #13 - was owned by a local family. Inherited by a lady living abroad, who returns after got the letter.
No ideas set in stone yet.... No idea what to go with.

Posted by mikemacdee on: 07:50 AM, 11/ 6/17
Unit #95
Leaping Lizards
Narrator is Malek, nephew to the owner of the unit (Uncle Abed). When Aunt Karine dies to a sudden stroke, Malek learns that his crocodile-obsessed Uncle Abed is declared legally dead by the state of Montana on the same day (has been missing for five years). Malek inherits the unit and its contents from his uncle, which is full of quaint but seemingly useless junk...and a certain crocodile-themed item from his early childhood.

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Posted by lavecki on: 09:37 AM, 11/ 6/17
Unit #20: Ingenuous Ingenious

Your main character's relationship with the owner of the unit: Son, Mother is on location as well. Previous owner was Mothers very recent Ex who is now deceased.

If your main character will be in the presence of the unit owner when opening the unit. - Isnt this a requirement?

I will require people to tell me what they are doing at a very exact time and date only if they are near the units. I will make a future post for this.

Here is my link

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Posted by TataSantec on: 02:39 PM, 11/ 6/17
Unit #45: Medical Malice

Owner is a friend from college, who is travelling and asked the narrator to take his stuff out, since narrator is the friend who lives closest to the storage units. Narrator will be alone when opening and carrying the stuff out.

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Posted by Rika84 on: 02:55 PM, 11/ 6/17
Heya, if you would like to get some peoples' summary details from the Location Collaboration thread, that'd be great. Then I can focus on locations and keep the summaries over here. :)

Posted by SKShadow on: 06:48 PM, 11/ 6/17
Unit #116: currently untitled, WIP here. My main character is a former resident of Havre, opening the unit for her older brother, who is a Marine stationed in California.

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Posted by Disquieting Chatter on: 09:36 PM, 11/ 6/17
    Your unit number: 110
    Your title: The Trenchcoat Tango
    Your main character's relationship with the owner of the unit: Robin is a  longtime family friend to
    If your main character will be in the presence of the unit owner when opening the unit: sadly not
    If the owner cannot retrieve their possessions for themselves, include why. : In the hospital with liver problems and a vitamin deficiency
    A link to your WIP: link to come shortly. 

Posted by NuclearCorpus on: 07:41 AM, 11/ 7/17
Unit number: 90

Your title, if you have one decided: Possible Paranoia

Your main character's relationship with the owner of the unit: Purchased a unit off of him.

A link to your WIP:

Any other information you want to be unique to your story: Beating the fuck out of a keyboard

Posted by Deltawaves on: 07:11 PM, 11/ 7/17
Unit #121: Dear Diary

The main character is a victim of identity theft--someone has opened an account with Fleming Storage Units using her name and information. She argues that she's the closest the unit has to a legal owner, and since there are only a few days left to clear the facility, FSU grants her access to the unit that's under her name.

Other information: This story contains a diary, a dipping bird, and credit card fraud. (I would prefer that the dipping bird be unique to my story if possible, since it's very specific.)

I'll post my WIP once this draft is complete.

Posted by mvocouch on: 10:11 PM, 11/ 7/17
As of right now, the Master List of Summaries is fully updated with any posts that have been made to this topic. If you already posted and I somehow missed you, please let me know!

The only exception to this is Disquieting Chatter. I have PM'ed you to get clarification on some details of Trenchcoat Tango.

Thanks everybody that has shared so far and let me know if anything needs to be updated.

Posted by urkelbot666 on: 09:13 PM, 11/ 8/17
Mustard and Meat
Narrator is co-owner with ex-BF
Narrator will be opening unit

Narrator's ex-BF has old, foreign survivalist stuff hidden in unit including rations. Ex-BF eats some of rations and starts acting a little weird. Contents of unit transferred to new unit in next town over. Ex-BF continues to get weirder Narrator drops him off at home before going to new storage unit. When Narrator returns, Ex-BF has found a flamethrower among the other survivalist stuff and is acting crazy. Nothing good happens from there.

Discord: Dan(Urkel) #2760

Posted by Miss_Chriss_91 on: 11:11 PM, 11/10/17
Number: #100
Title: none yet
Narrator: high school friend of the unit's original owner
Original owner: will not be present (is either dead or dying, not sure which yet)
Link: no work yet 😳