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Posted by Abysmii on: 07:52 PM, 11/11/17
Unit #6
Meticulous Machinery
Son of owner (deceased).
Narrator will not be in the presence of the owner.
The owner is deceased and can not retrieve his property.
Son receives the contents of the storage unit as inheritance from his dead father.  He finds a very strange device and has to unravel a small mystery.

Posted by Brannick on: 01:38 AM, 11/13/17
Unit #59: Retro Rampage (open to change)
The Narrator is the owner of the storage unti

Posted by Lila on: 01:53 AM, 11/13/17
#60 Little Lies
Owner: unknown who originally rented it but it now belongs to Delany
Narrator: Either Delany or her boyfriend, Mike
They are both present when the container is opened and emptied
Neither know what's in the container before opening it, Delany figures it out first and Mike realizes sometime after her or he doesn't realize fully what the contents are, depending on how I end up writing the story, or how much I imply instead of outright saying.

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Posted by Jack Flores on: 11:47 AM, 11/13/17
Unit #123

Banker's Boon

Owner: a shady Banker whose ambition and destructive choices drove his family away and now uses the unit to give his Grandson a life changing gift. He is not present at all the entire time Robert is emptying the unit.

Narrator: Robert Johnston a man in a rut in his life receives a letter from his estranged grandfather's lawyer telling him about the unit and the need to get the contents out before the 14th.

The story revolves around a boombox and a set of mysterious old motivational tapes. Robert decides to listen to the tapes as he combs through and packs up the rest of the items in the unit.

Posted by Secoura on: 01:06 AM, 11/14/17
Unit 64 is now "Kindergarten Karaoke".  The backstory is pretty much the same except with karaoke thrown in.

Posted by DeadEnd on: 05:45 PM, 11/15/17
    Unit #34
    Rabbit Runs
    Narrator: Only child of unit owner (mother)
    Mother in nursing home suffering from alzheimer's, will never be present at unit. -Father has been gone since childhood after a divorce.
    Narrator finds old tapes from his father.

Posted by DollyMcThunderfly on: 01:46 AM, 11/16/17
Unit #73: Butler's Bounty
Narrator: Widow of unit's owner, estranged from family
Unit primarily consists of junkyard salvages for motorcycle and car parts stored on an unsecured, poorly constructed metal shelving unit. Story revolves around the attempted retrieval of a family heirloom toy chest.

Posted by Productive0 on: 01:56 AM, 11/16/17
Unit number 99: Atrocious Aurora
The characters interaction is very brief as she just wanted to get in and out of the unit. She goes when they open, she gets there after house sitting her missing friends grandfathers house. After some snooping she finds the email and goes to check out the unit as soon as possible. She is visiting the country after being invited by her friend she stayed a previous summer with as a foreign exchange student.
WIP(I have no idea how to shorten the link I'm sorry):

Posted by Productive0 on: 02:06 AM, 11/16/17
unit number 99: Atrocious Aurora(WIP name)
The main characters interactions with the owner is extremely brief, she has to get in and out of the unit. She goes to the place the hour it opens. She was invited into the country by her friend for a visit after spending a previous summer with her. She was house sitting for her friends grandfather and while snooping around, she comes across the email and decides to go check out the unit.
WIP(I don't know how to shorten links, I'm sorry):

Posted by jenniferific on: 07:14 AM, 11/17/17
#19 Dubiously Draconic
The Narrator is also the unit owner.
Unique Details: A furry obsessed with dragons kills animals to make a fur suit.

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Posted by SciGuyHatz on: 09:05 AM, 11/17/17
#27 - Title still TBD
Narrator - Owner of storage unit, but filled with grandfather's belongings after his death.  Our narrator is a physical therapist who was responsible for cleaning up his Grandfather's estate after his death 7 years ago, and now has to clean out the storage unit. He is dealing with the emotion and issues with his family's issues and his own demons.  I hope to make the horror in this story a very personal one. 
The narrator is friendly and outgoing, I'd be interested in collaborating with neighboring units briefly as the characters cross paths.  He will be present over the course of the five days, but will not be in the units on day 5.

Posted by oilage on: 02:28 PM, 11/17/17
Unit #31: Purifying Plants
Narrator: Lily
Unit Owner: Her father
A blind girl travels to open a storage unit previously owned by her father, a botanist and criminal who has died.

Posted by Deerpoob on: 09:17 PM, 11/18/17
Unit #5: Flathead Frolicking
Narrator: Son of the owner
Unit Owner: An older man, local, obviously a hunter and hardass
A man and his two sons arrive bright and early to clear out the unit which is full of musty old hunting gear before taking most of it and heading out of town toward the rocky mountains for a hunting trip.

Posted by Bosencaine on: 02:26 AM, 11/19/17
Figured I should make this official now that I know where it's going. Sorry it's taken so long.

Unit #35--'Salient Specimens'
Narrator: Michael Danvers, friend and former classmate of Shannon Gorski (unit owner, not present)
Unit contains: plaster heads (like wig models), display cases of pinned insects, and veterinary anatomical models ('split dogs'), all under plastic dust-covers
Spoilers: I'll be working with existentialism, self awareness, and free will
Spiritualism and contagious superstition play a large role in the story, though not to the point of conjuring ghosts or anything like that.

Extra notes, if they matter:
-Michael doesn't get along with people, but not for lack of trying.
-Shannon was injured in a car accident in September and cannot clear the unit herself.
-Shannon grew up in Havre, but moved to Fargo, ND, for college, where she met Michael.
-Unit #35 had been largely ignored for about five years until the Custodial Corpse call to action.
-Michael knows nothing of why he has to empty the unit, just that Shannon asked him to do it before the 14th.
-A physical description of Michael is over in the Location Collaboration

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Nightmares can be such flimsy things with such voracious appetites. Turn them away once and they can starve.


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