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Posted by DSBlake on: 08:35 AM, 11/19/17
Hey, could you update the link for Number 52 to the new thread: ? Thanks!

Posted by RedSleeves on: 09:54 AM, 11/19/17
Unit #82
Narrator: Owner of Unit
Summary: The owner if the unit, Nathan, accepts a mental illness he has been battling since childhood, and prepares to be the man his father should have been.
(Look, summaries are the bane of my existence, someone put me out of my misery and help me out with this. Please.)

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Posted by Orianna on: 10:51 AM, 11/20/17
#54: Conflicting Cardboard
Niece (Annie)
Because the unit was shared between the two, Annie is roped into removing everything, not just her small pile of boxes.

Posted by Quebec on: 02:12 AM, 11/21/17
Unit 92: Black Briefcase
Narrator: One of the unit owner's soldiers.
Unit Owner: Elderly mob boss in Chicago, not present at first opening, but present at last closing.  He's testing the narrator's reliability.
So yeah, if you couldn't tell my narrator is a Chicago mobster.

Posted by Plusacuss on: 03:31 AM, 11/21/17
108 Familiar Faces
20 something male named Oliver
Relationship: Started dating crazy stalker girl who owns the storage unit and uses the unit as shrine for protagonist. Inside is a box with pocket watch.
Will be opening midday on day 2 and closing almost immediately after that.
Story is unique because it has a female stalker as opposed to a big creepy male with a bushy beard and a taste for being creepy.

Posted by TrueBeefhammer on: 04:37 PM, 11/23/17
Your unit number: 65
Your title, if you have one decided: Plain Package
Your narrator's relationship with the owner of the unit.: Owner
If your narrator will be in the presence of the unit owner when opening the unit.: Yes, he is one in the same.
A link to your WIP:

Posted by strangecoffee on: 12:01 AM, 11/26/17
Unit Number: 118
Title: Perturbing Play
Narrator: Young Man in 30s, Married, No children.
Narrator's relation to owner of the unit: Owner
Additional Information: Narrator used the storage unit as a place to put old junk. While cleaning out the unit, he finds a play script that is strangely lining up with his own life...

Posted by VCRWrite on: 07:53 PM, 11/26/17
Unit #91: Sinking Sensation

Narrator: Max, []thalassophobic[/url] son of unit owner (mom).
Summary: Max goes to collect his late father's possessions from unit #91, but finds nearly everything water-damaged beyond reparation. The damp smell and discovery of his father's nautical clock cause Max to have a panic attack and flashback to the day of his father's death.

-Vincent C. Russo-

Posted by Brannick on: 04:29 PM, 11/27/17
Unit 59 here again! I recently rewrote my entire story so here's updated information:
Unit 59: Tape Titles (subject to change)
Narrator owns the unit with three friends

Posted by Rivers on: 06:41 PM, 11/28/17
Unit #25: Wailing Woods

Narrator: Martin.

His brother owns the unit. They both live locally and it's usually Martin who calls to the facility. He has the appropriate paperwork. Their unit is filled with boxes of empty jars.

Moochin' about.

Posted by MissMidas on: 01:12 PM, 11/29/17
Unit 126- Domino Disaster:
     After being given ownership of her family's old storage unit, Catherine visits the town for a day to clean it out. While doing this she discovers that one of the dominoes from her late sisters prized set is missing.

Posted by mvocouch on: 07:27 PM, 11/30/17
Sorry I haven't updated the list in so long folks. I had a 15 page ethnography paper due for my Anthropology class that was worth 20% of my grade, and then found out the day after I finished it that I have a Art History Research paper that is worth 15% of my grade due soon as well. I will try to get all the updates tonight if I can.

I got a 99% on my Anthropology paper though  :D

Posted by Dead Rabbit on: 08:23 PM, 11/30/17
Unit Number 9
Title: Undecided (Underlying Unknows is what I'm leaning towards)
Narrator's relationship to the unit owner is unknown to the narrator. Someone rented the unit for them, prepaid credit card and their address and information for contact.
His wife, Maddie, is super curious but Narrator isn't so sure opening this is a good idea. He agrees to go and open it, and then Maddie has to bail on him due to job obligations, leaving him to open it alone. Narrator has anxiety issues regarding going to new places alone. Inside the unit is junk and toward the back various things he and Maddie have thrown away over the years. Including his favorite couch, some books, and such. And an odd note on top of the items with a photo from their wedding with their eyes crossed out. Maybe it's an invite from their wedding instead of a plain note?

I'm still figuring out the details of this story, I lost two big art files in November and it put me in a creative block.

Posted by AbundantAnxiety on: 02:29 AM, 12/ 4/17
Unit # 66
Magic Milk
On vacation, in Hawaii
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
These are really just quirks, I don't care if general themes are shared, or if someone writes my story but better, I can't really be mad. Children's book author, beheaded medusa painting, M1911A1.

Posted by Kwiykov on: 09:01 PM, 12/ 4/17
Unit Number: 3
Title: Predatory Polish
Narrator: Young Man in 30s, John Zielinski
Narrator's relation to owner of the unit: inherited from his Uncle Felix

Read the story here, still working on it down to the wire!