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Posted by Brannick on: 11:03 PM, 12/ 7/17
Unit 59 again! Just wanted to say that Unit 59 no longer donates the tapes to Stars and Bards

Posted by MissMidas on: 03:45 PM, 12/ 8/17
Times and Locations for Unit 126
(126 will have bluetooth headphones in while cleaning out the unit so softer sounds (someone close talking to them self, others music, and people saying hello from a few feet away)  wont be noticed, but loud ones/people yelling close by will be noted.)
126 rolls into town around 8:30 -9 am and realizes she’s too early, she parks on the street and opens the back of her 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor to show she has a few pillows and blankets in the back, she closes the hatch and sits there until 10 when the units open.
Around 12:30-1 pm
After cleaning out half of the unit, 126 goes to rest and receives a call from her friend while eating from an open thermos, after ending the call she sets the open thermos on the ground near her car,  grabs a  energy drink out of a travel cooler and some medicine from the front of her car and starts cleaning the rest of the unit out.
At 3:30-4 pm
126 is finished, people near unit 126 might notice her closing her back hatch and getting visibly upset at someone who shes talking to on her phone, the conversation will end and after a few smaller actions 126 then closes her unit and drives off.

I am soso sorry this is so late, but I completely forgot to mention this takes place on the 13th! 

Posted by Dead Rabbit on: 07:35 PM, 12/ 8/17
I'm unit 9. At 442 PM my main character, a tall lanky guy will run out of his unit, slam it shut, and run to his ford ranger He will be clammy and scared. He will talk to no one.