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on: 11:51 AM, 12/ 5/17
October 10 2:00 AM
Hey…Person (or Whatever, not really sure what to call you)
The name’s Mary.  Mary Jones.  There’s not much you really need to know about me.  I’m your pretty standard looking girl: brown hair, brown eyes, average figure.  For the most part, I’m pretty okay around people (Unless they get me angry; you won’t like me when I’m angry).     
Anyway, just letting you know that I may not be in a pleasant mood right now, so don’t give me any crap (how could you, it’s not like we can have a conversation).  Look, I…just need to get some stuff off my chest, okay.  So here I am, minding my own happy business in dreamland, when the f-ing phone starts ringing.  At 1:00 AM!!!!!!  Who the f-ing f- calls at 1:00 AM (Getting ahead of myself again).  Anyway, the caller is some guy letting me know about the corpse of the janitor that was found in some storage unit complex.  I’m ready to start screaming cause I already know about the incident; it’s all over the f-ing news.  But then this guy goes on to mention that, due to that incident, most of the storage units need to be emptied.  This is where the kicker comes in.  Apparently one of the storage units, belonged to my Uncle Jack.  That’s the part that got me.  Uncle Jack and I have been pretty close, even though I’ve done some “questionable” things.  The fact that Uncle Jack never told me about this unit just…bugs me, okay. The guy goes on to explain that the storage unit company has been unable to contact or locate him.  As a result, I’m the one who has to unload it. 
After the guy hangs up, I try to get some sleep.  However, my head is still buzzing from that large information dump.  Uncle Jack is actually missing.  That’s pretty much the only explanation I can think of.  I mean, Uncle Jack has always been on top of everything, he never ignores phone calls, emails, or anything (not even the stuff sent by salespeople).  So then, where is he?
Same day 10:00 AM-6:00PM
The good news: I managed to get some sleep last night and I’ve found my storage unit in this entire f-ing maze of a complex (Seriously, I really want to give the guy who built this thing the riot act).
The bad news: It is completely stuffed. 
Uncle Jack probably had about however many pieces of random furniture all shoved in here; seriously, you name it, it’s in there.  Normally I would have been all “Screw this, I’m going home”, but with this being tied into Uncle Jack and all, I decide to get started.  (I do some work out with weights, so it wasn’t so bad.).  So, to make a long story short, I spend pretty much my entire day in the f-ing thing trying to get everything out of this thing (Not that it really matters, there’s no way I can fit all of this into my apartment; at least I can try selling some of it for extra cash).  I’m probably, ¾ done with unloading the unit when stuff starts getting strange.  So, I move this large filing cabinet out, and behind it is this tiny safe.  Now this is no ordinary safe; it’s like the f-ing Fort Knox of safes.  The safe has however many locks on the door and about a dozen or more so wrapped around it with chains.  I’m thinking to myself, ‘Who the heck puts a this many locks on a safe?’  I bend down to look at the thing.  Fortunately, I tend to be a pretty good lock pick (it’s both a blessing and a curse).  I finally open the safe and the thing inside of it is…a book (Seriously!?!).  I look at the cover: “The Hunt for Red October”.  I stare at the book for a little while before I hear some announcement that the units are getting set to close. Crap!  I end up grabbing the book and head out of the store room.  I manage to organize the remainder of Uncle Jack’s stuff and begin heading home.
8:00 PM
So I get back home and unload all of Uncle Jack’s stuff into my apartment (It took forever and I’m really tired now).  I get some Chinese food from the fridge and heat it up.  It’s quiet for a while (Just a girl and her thoughts, plus the cable is out again).  Eventually though, my thoughts drift back to the book.  I mean, why the hell would Uncle Jack put a book into a safe, and then put said safe into a storage unit behind however much crap.  Out of my own curiosity, I decide to take a look at the book.  For the most part, it looks pretty normal: neat cover and very few creases.  The pages are the same story, very neat and in pretty good condition.  Overall, the book looks really unassuming- 
I freeze when I glance at the window, someone just ducked down behind it.  However, I could quickly make out a few details.  Guy (or girl) was wearing a black hoodie that covered most of his/her face. 
I grab my baseball bat (Never played, but its helped me get out of tough situations), and race out my door, prepared to deal with this creep.
He’s gone.  I look left and right, he’s nowhere in sight.
October 12th
10:00 AM
Okay, so after a little while, I managed to calm myself down and finally go to sleep last night.  Now I’m awake again and am starting to wonder if I did see something last night, or if I got drunk again.  Since I don’t have a major splitting headache, I’m going to assume the former.  Though now I have to think about how I’m going to catch that creep.  Now you might say, “Why not just call the cops?”.  Well to answer your question….I really don’t like them.  I kinda, sorta, got on their bad side a couple to many times, which has caused me to duck-n-cover everytime I see a guy in blue. 
Okay, so, time to think of Plan B.  There is Hooper’s Firearms and Consignment.  That guy probably has a tommy gun or something that I can use.  That and he’s my only real option.  Apparently small towns don’t do much in defense.
Alright, time to pay a visit to Hooper.
1:00 PM
Standing in front of Hooper’s, I’m starting to reconsider my options.  I mean don’t get me wrong, the place itself looks nice.  You got your toys, furniture, and garden tools; you know, stuff for the whole family.  It’s just…I think I’m starting to get cold feet really.  I mean, I’ve never actually handled a gun before.  Plus, I’m not even sure if I’ll even be able to buy one; I don’t quite have an “honor roll”.
I end up standing outside for what feels like half hour before I actually walk in.
I mean, it’s only a scare-tactic really.  I’ll just buy the gun then, with no bullets.  After all, I’ve got my bat in case anything gets too crazy. 
One thing I should remember when going to a store is to look up where things are located.  For example, I first walk into the toy section, before going to furniture section, and now I’m back in toys again.  Great.  This is just how I planned my day, heading out to buy something useful, only to get lost in Frozen-
It’s the guy.
I know its him.  He’s still wearing that same stupid black outfit from last night.  And he’s right here. In the f-ing store
Okay. Okay.
I don’t think he’s noticed that I noticed him.  Perfect, this might be my chance to catch him.  Just need to make sure he doesn’t-
Got to catch him now.  We’re running throw however many aisles.  Damn, this guy’s fast. 
I chase this guy until suddenly I find myself back outside. And now he’s gone.
6:00 PM
So trying to reconsider my options.  Buying the gun didn’t work out.  You see, as I was chasing the guy, some stuff got knocked down in the store.  Long-story-short: I don’t think I’m allowed in Hooper’s anymore.
Just F-ing great.
And there he is…again, looking like “she totally doesn’t know I’m here”. 
That’s it.  I’m going to give this guy a piece of my mi-
He’s got friends.  Lots of them.
Anyway, I think I need to go…
October 13th
12:00 AM
I’m honest to God terrified right now.  The guy and his friends are at my window.  All just standing there.
And I can see their faces.
Those are not normal faces.
They’re gaunt, shrunken, and pale.
Honest to God they all look dead.
I’m just laying down.  Hoping they all think I’m asleep.
2:00 AM
Good news is that the creeps have finally left. 
I checked around my apartment to see if they might have snuck in.  Thank God they didn’t.
I decided to open the door (with my bat).  No one.
There’s a note on the door.
I can hardly read it.  It’s like a 2nd grader wrote this. 
I bring the note back inside.  I can now see what it says.
Give book. Or Die. Till Time.
6:00 AM
I spent however long looking at that note.  None of it made any sense.
I mean “Give book”, what “book”, I have no idea-
I froze when the realization hit me: the book, “The Hunt for Red October”, the one from Uncle Jack’s storage unit.  I start rummaging through my apartment looking for the thing (I’m not the neatest person in the world, deal with it).  Eventually, I found it buried under a pile of magazines.
This is what the creeps are looking for.  But, then again, none of it really makes sense.
I end up stopping my mental rant when I notice something on the back page.  It’s like a small envelope.  I end up opening it, and then automatically wish I hadn’t.
The envelope is filled with pages of…I don’t even know what.  To be honest they look like something you would get if you asked Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers to draw a picture of the first thing that pops into their mind.  I mean, there’s one image of what looks like a clock with sunbeams shooting out of it at the top and a lot of people at the bottom writhing in agony.  On the back of the page is writing (which is written in this fancy, cursive style) that states: The time of reckoning shall arrive, and all those who have not completed their work shall perish. Till Time.
I end up looking at the pages for I don’t even know how long before I look back at the book.
There’s another envelope in it.  At first I think that it contains more of these pictures until I read the front of it: To whoever it may concern, please open this immediately!!!
It’s in Uncle Jack’s handwriting.  I open the envelope and pull out a letter.
To whoever reads this,
I know I’m done for.  I’ve gone in way over my head and now they are after me.  They have people watching from everywhere: my office, my usual hangouts, maybe my house (I pray they don’t see me writing this).  I should have known that taking on this case was a bad idea. 
Look…whoever you are, please send these pictures to the proper authorities.  Because they need to be stopped.  They are planning something big, I know it.  I’ve been able to decipher some of the images: they describe some type of “reckoning” that will take place “Till Time”.
Whatever you do: DO. NOT. UNDERESTIMATE. THEM. 
They may appear crass, but they are highly skilled in making themselves and other people disappear.  It will be hard to find them.  They never stay in one place for too long; they congregate in a town for a while (most likely to gain new members, but that’s still theoretical), and then just vanish.  I’ve found that the towns they visited have high counts of missing persons cases.   
I’ll see if I can find some way to send this.  In the meantime, I’ll hide this letter and the images in a spot where I’m sure they won’t find it (If they find this letter on me, they will kill me and then no one can stop them).
Jack Collins
P.S. PLEASE, whoever you are, make sure that Mary Jones stays safe.  She means everything to me.  I could not bear to hear if something happens to her.  Once you’ve dealt with them, please give her this message:
Mary, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me.  I should have been a better uncle and I know that.  Just know that I care about you and nothing will ever change that.
I sit there with the letter when I notice small water marks appearing on the letter.  It’s my tears; I’m crying.
Uncle Jack…why? 
8:00 AM
After taking a while to pull myself back together, I decided I needed to take action.  This “they”, need to be dealt with.
So what is my master plan?
I’m heading to the police department.  Look, I know I said I don’t like cops, but drastic times call for drastic measures.  And dealing with a stalking cult definitely counts as drastic times. 
As I make my way to the plaza, I’m already starting to doubt my plan.  I can see the creeps in the background.
They are hiding, and when I turn to look at them, they duck out of sight.  But THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.
Behind statues, behind corners, walking in crowds unnoticed.  I really wish that I could have brought my bat; that would at least give me some protection.
I need to get to the station now.
I end up jogging most of the way, just to get to the station faster. 
12:00 PM
I finally get to the station.  I speak with the lady manning the desk.  She gives me a few weird looks (I am poorly dressed even by my standards) and then tells me to wait.  Should have figured as much.  I mean, Bill’s probably getting high someplace, Neat’s probably yelling at him for it, and Danny is probably out fishing (my knights in shining armor folks.). 
Whatever, at least in the station I’m safe from the creeps.  I mean, there’s no way that they would risk blowing their cover in here.
I feel for the book in my jacket, making sure it’s still there.  I’m tempted to pull it back out, but I don’t want to risk letting the creeps know I have it. 
For a while, I’m the only person in the waiting area.  Eventually, an elderly couple step into the station.  However, instead of going to the receptionist, they go to sit down right next to me. 
We sit in awkward silence until the one woman says, “How are you dearie?”.  I turn to look over at her, she is wearing a plain white dress with matching dress shoes.  She has this round face with pail blond curly hair.  All in all, she kinda looks like your average grandmother. “Okay, I guess,” I say.  “Is something bothering you?” she says.  “No, it-it’s nothing really,” I respond back.  I really don’t like talking for longer than I have to.  Frowning, the woman then says, “Please dearie, you don’t have to hide anything from me.”  Oh-kay, this woman is officially annoying.  I go to tell her that I don’t want to talk when I notice the guy she’s with.
He is a tall guy dressed in all black.  He has sliver hair that is slicked back and a rather stern face.  But that’s not what caught my attention.  It’s the fact that he is giving me the mother of all death glares right now.
“We know you have it,” he says in this really deep voice, “Give it.”
I completely freeze.  He-he can’t honestly be referring to-
My thoughts break when the woman turns to the man.  “Oh come now dearie,” she says in that same sweet tone, “Is that anyway to treat our new daughter.”
Pulling myself together I end up racing out of the waiting room, completely ignoring the woman’s desperate pleas for me to return.
8:00 PM
I’m sitting in the plaza wondering what I’m going to do.  I’ve been dodging that couple by going into random stores, trying to mingle myself to seem less conspicuous.  It doesn’t seem to work though, as I don’t exactly blend well. 
Now most of the shops are closing.  Maybe I can go back to the police station.
“Dearie, where are you?”, I her in a sing-song tone.
It’s her, I know it.  I need to get out of here now.
I bolt as fast as I can.  Hopefully I can make it back to the station.
The creeps are back again.  They are closing in on me, I can tell.
Please, I’m almost there.  Just let me make it-
“There you are dearie.”
October 13th
11:30 PM
At the safe place for my mission.
Must act quickly.
Glory be the union of Mother Meridanus and Father Noctis. 
They are our life, our essence, our soul.
They dictate the life of many.
There are those who do not understand their power.
Heathens! Vermin! Scum!
No matter, they will understand soon. Reckoning will come and all will understand.
For now, I will complete my task.
Must put the plans in a safe space.  They must remain intact.
I open the door to the safe space and leave the plans.
The door then closes, ensuring the safety of reckoning. Till Time


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on: 10:09 PM, 12/ 5/17
This one has some excitement and tension in it, and I was interested to keep reading. I like the concept of the narrator being stalked for something she doesn't even know she has yet. The narrator's voice has a good deal of personality.
There are some things I wanted to mention here in terms of format and rules and stuff. According to the video and the rules shortlist the narrator has to open the unit in the first paragraph and close it in the last. The end seems to have the unit closing, but the beginning takes a while to get there. Also, one thing I want to point out, the rules state that the story should be in past tense, and as of now this one is in present tense. I just wanted to point that out since there's still some time to modify it! One other thing is that the gun shop is Hopper's not Hooper's.
Anyway, I did enjoy reading this one, I just wanted to point some of those things out :)
Discord: Dan(Urkel) #2760