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on: 09:14 AM, 05/ 9/17
I hired a guy the other day to come and cut my grass and tidy my garden.

I sent him pics and a video to take a look at.. he gave me a quote and said he'd be round today at 1.30pm to do the job.. or earlier if he could make it..

He didn't show so at 13.50 I messaged him on facebook and asked if he was still coming to do the job..

He messaged me right back and said he didn't have a car to get to my house so could I come down and pick him up....

I guess that's what I get for getting a quote from a millennial

Btw.. I'm not putting the guy down for not having a car. I don't have a car either, it's just that he agreed to do a job for me that required heavy gardening equipment, and had I not messaged him I wouldn't have even known why he wasn't coming..

*insert massive sigh here* I waited in the whole fucking morning as well... I could have gone out and filmed on the beach as it's been a beautiful day..