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on: 08:29 PM, 10/24/17
Edit: I'm just gonna unhide the stories because WTF spoiler tags... XD

Hey everyone! I was boooored at work today, so I scribbled out a few spoopy/silly Mad Libs for you all!
Feel free to share your results OR write your own for us!

1. Choose a set of words to fill out! Choose words! Write them down!
2. Go back and get the story! Fill in your words! Share the results! No cheating! =)

Word Sets:
[Person/Proper Noun], [Adjective], [Color], [Shape], [Scent], [Number], [Object], [Adjective] [Body Part], [Verb], [Noun], [Same Person as before], [Verb], [Verb], [Exclamation]

[Day of the Week], [Body Part], [Adjective], [Neg. Adjective], [-ing Verb], [Color], [Body Part], [Noun], [Location]

[Year], [Object], [Food], [Adjective], [Number], [Friend's Name], [Transitive -ing Verb], [Object], [Adjective], [Profession], [Insulting Noun]

[Adjective], [Adjective], [Animal], [Liquid], [Profession], [Container], [Color], [Spooky Objects], [Animal], [Adjective], [Health Food], [Candy], [Neg. Adjective]

Full stories below! (Line breaks to help you not spoil yourself:

Full stories! No cheating, now!
These instructions are for the sole purpose of summoning [Person]. Proceed with caution, for this process may be [Adjective]. First, with [Color] chalk, draw a [Shape] on a flat surface. Light four [Scent] candles and place them in the corners of the work area. Place [Number] [Object](s) in the center. With a/n [Adjective] knife, sprinkle blood from your [Body Part] over the entire area. Recite the words, "I command you to [Verb], for I am your [Noun]!" [Same Person as before] will appear and [Verb] for you. To dismiss them you must [Verb] 3 times and say "[Exclamation]!" Perform this ritual at your own risk.

Congratulations! You're a zombie! How did it all come to this? Well, it all started last [Day of the Week] when your neighbor bit you on the [Body Part]. Wasn't that [Adjective] of him? By the afternoon you were feeling a bit [Neg. Adjective] and it wasn't long before you were [-ing Verb] uncontrollably. You looked in the mirror; your face was [Color] and your [Body Part] was barely hanging on! Soon, you developed an insatiable hunger for [Noun](s), and you've been wandering around (the) [Location] ever since! Good hunting, my undead friend!

Hey! You're a ghost! What the heck happened to you? Well, you died on this day in [Year]. You were minding your own business when you tripped over a/n [Object] and choked on your [Food]. What a/n [Adjective] way to go! Your funeral was attended by [Number] of your closest friends and family. You've chosen to spend her afterlife haunting [Friend's Name]'s house, [Transitive -ing Verb] their furniture and hiding their [Object]. After all they're the one who suggested your epitaph be, "[Adjective] [Profession] and [Insuring Noun]."

[Adjective] Halloween ever! You wanted to dress up as a/n [Adjective] [Animal], but due to an unfortunate [Liquid] accident, you had to switch to a/n [Profession]. So, you grabbed your [Container] and headed out. Thing were going okay until the [Color] house on the corner. The yard was decorated with [Spooky Objects] and [Animal] skeletons. An old woman answered the door. "My, what a/n [Adjective] costume!" she said, handing you a/n [Health Food]. Before she closed the door, she ate a/n [Candy] right in front of you! How [Neg. Adjective]! You won't be back next year.
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