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I just bought

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« on: 04:39:15 AM 05/13/17 »
So, back when and were being sold at auction, I did extra digging into sites like and more. I saw that Trollpasta, specifically, was dropping soon.

So... today, I "caught" it before someone else could snap it up - possibly for traffic/parking or resale.

So what should we do with it?

There are several obvious choices, and I'm not saying I'll do anything that epic, but I wanted to let people weigh in. Ideally I'd like to just feature/discuss the good/funny Trollpastas. The notable ones, etc. Unlike, I feel like would draw a TON of shitposts if it were just "open to anything". A thousand "my head came off i died the end" one sentence posts, etc.

But yeah, I'll stop talking. Thoughts?