As a character, Jeff the Killer is...


Jeff the Killer is...
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Posted by Slimebeast on: 11:06 PM, 08/19/16
So let's have it. Once and for all! Is Jeff awesome or arse?

Posted by CandleClock on: 08:09 AM, 08/20/16
I'll go as far as saying that Jeff the killer almost ruined creepypasta. It's true, there are worse stories than Jtk, but it was a fine example of a terrible idea that got a sort of following which filled the Internet with myriads of bad stories giving the bad name to the whole genre. The worst part is most of the authors didn't even tried to create something even remotely scary - most of their work was either revenge or hybristophiliac fantasies.

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Posted by Zathoth on: 06:38 PM, 08/27/16
I went for mediocer. The picture was somewhat creepy the first time I saw it pop up in a thumbnail, then of course we ended up with the entire fetishistic stream of killers and other monsters to ship them with.

And now I want to deconstruct it all...

Posted by Icyflamedragon on: 12:22 AM, 08/28/16
Not the worst thing ever, but lets say this picture I made using the image in MS paint is more scary than the normal one

Long Past here.


Posted by Zathoth on: 06:27 PM, 08/29/16
Tsundere are pretty terrifying though.

Posted by Banake on: 08:38 PM, 11/ 4/16
Jeff is my favorite CP. =-D