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on: 02:10:45 PM 05/02/17
Okay, so, basically, I added a few of the more recent stories to this since it’s been a while and there have obviously been more episodes. I think I’m just going to keep updating it every once in a while, it’s nice having something that I can come back and add to that isn’t 20+ pages long already. 

Midnight Marinara
Welcome to my shop
come on in, have a seat
Our cooks are making up
tasty things for us to eat
There's the sweet smell
of nostalgia in the air
Some of our guest are feeling capricious
so please do take care
Tonight we have prepared
for you a special treat
A sprinkle of misfortune
an uneasy feeling underneath
A dash of oregano
a glass of wine that tastes so sweet.

Tonight, a play, a dish of creepypasta
from the enchanting voice actors
that are within our rasta,

We'll take a trip to Whimseywood
meet the Man with the Cane
have some fun with our friend Ickbarr
and play a skillful devils game.
We can spend some time
in nineteen ninety nine
run around in Mowgli's Palace
that would be divine
No Faced Kids
who have little mention
gather around as we read
A Few Suggestions
Join us as we survive
a viewing of Squidwards Suicide
curl up with some yogurt
as we watch Dead Bart
(or is it Dad Bert?)
Crack silly jokes and drink tea
with Dead Pallet's Tales of Banality
Spend thirteen years trapped in a box
hear a local legend reduced to rocks
Laugh with us as we suffer aptly
Through a reading of Happy Appy
You’ll be feeling most at easy
During our note on Chuck E Cheese
Welcome to our stage Allen Chainey
Please, don’t blame him if his dishes are a bit, erm, gamey
Settle in now, for some good stories tonight
Maybe you could even win Free Burgers for Life
We promise we won’t have you crawling in muck
But you should note that Frogs Are Good Luck
And if you start getting paranoid around Rakes
Just remember that we’re all Fakes

Sit back, relax,
enjoy the show
The Pasta Shade
has been waiting for so long you know
Come in and sample our world famous creepypasta
welcome to my shop
Midnight Marinara
"I’d rather dance a hangman’s jig
Than die by my own hand"