Places That Should Not Be
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Posted by HyperThermal on: 10:39 AM, 08/20/16
For whatever reason, what really grabs me in terms of horror are locations, buildings, and environments, despite personally having an investment in characters.

Some of my examples of really good horror settings that act as their own entity are as follows:

  • The Overlook Hotel- The Shining
  • NoEnd House
  • Ashley, Kansas
  • Various cyclopean cities, realms, and planets from the works of H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Dionaea House
  • Whimsywood

What are your favorite scary places?

Posted by Zathoth on: 01:08 PM, 08/20/16
The house in House of Leaves. It isnt just the setting of the horror, it is the horror... at least maybe...

The Town near the northern border in Thomas Ligotti's In a foreign town, in a foreign land and honestly most of his settings...

I know it isnt strictly horror, but New Crobuzon in Perdido Street Station is a wonderful city of filth and degenaration.

Oh, and Night Vale, of course.

Posted by CandleClock on: 04:17 PM, 08/21/16
The titular piece of landscape in Michael Whitehouse's On a Hill.

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