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Title: The then-scariest but now-funniest thing in your life?
Post by: Letrune on 10:06 AM, 07/ 4/17
I wish to know if you got a memory of something, that when it happened to you, was a very scary thing, but today, it is funny at least.

I once had to do a very important card. The bureau I went to asked for my birth certificate, which I photocopied before and presented. They checked it - being from 1988, it was printed back in the final years of the Hungarian People's Republic, therefore, it had that as birth country's full description. Official checked it and given back, saying that I should fix my birth certificate. "There's no such thing as Hungarian People's Republic." The guy on the other side of the window was older than I am.
I had to go to a different bureau to stamp that I am actually myself; they demanded me to present the actual birth certificate. I went home, got that, went back, did that. They sent me away.

Two weeks later, they sent a mail that they need me. Nothing else written in it. I was afraid they managed to lose it, because it is a bureaucratic nightmare! Went, managed to get back HALF of the papers I gave in. THe second bit, the ID included in the birth certificate, was nowhere. I asked where it is.
"We don't know. Please take a number." SO I did, waited the usual half hour or more, and then they said "no idea, come back later."
I was going away when they said they sent it back to the first bureau as I was there. They just did not attached the other half of my birth certificate....
Going back. Waiting. They call my number, I present the papers, they take it... Then the process works! Hurray!

Two weeks later, they send me the card... Born: 1898. I went back to ask for a fix on the card.
"The card is in order!" the woman says. "Go and fix your ID papers!" I asked her if I seem like someone who survived two world wars, to which she replied "STOP BEING FUNNY AND JUST FIX THAT DAMN PAPER!". So... I went to the main guys again. The local lady there went back, asked me to wait, and managed to find one of the only normal person in the building who managed to recognize that my papers are in order, except the ID card they printed. I got the proper birth date in (gasp) two days later!

Back then, I felt like my blood is boiling and was so afraid and angry that I felt my heart skips some beats. Now... It is a little story i tell to people this way:
Did you knew I am more than a hundred years old? They said that I was born in 1898, so... They may be right! Or i am a time traveller from the past!
Title: Re: The then-scariest but now-funniest thing in your life?
Post by: Rivers on 07:03 PM, 08/16/18
That is a real horror story.

The infuriating delights of bloated beauracracy.

The scariest thing in my life was having open heart surgery. I guess I can have a chuckle about it now.
Title: Re: The then-scariest but now-funniest thing in your life?
Post by: PostMortemCreamPi on 08:52 AM, 11/13/18
I guess the only horrifying thing that was funny in retrospect happened as a kid. So one morning when I must have been at least 5 or 6. I woke up around 9 it seems, with a very faint audio of the Mulan film playing. So I got up looking for what room my sister she must have been watching it in. I found the house completely empty, no one in the living room, the bed rooms or the basement. The funny part is no tv was on in the house either...