Was there ever a movie that truly scared you?

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« on: 09:45:04 AM 04/13/18 »
Yeah, I know that's a crappy title, also feel free to delete this topic if this has been done...

The question is: was there ever a movie that really truly scared you, and if yes, what was it? (or what were they if more than one)

I have a few.

As a tiny little kid my dad worked a lot of nights and late shifts and my mum liked to watch old horror movies on the TV. but she was too scared to watch them alone so she would bring one of us down (usually me) to watch with her. I just slept on the sofa for the most parts but this one time there was an old movie called 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors' and I slept through most of it, it was one of those old movies that had five little stories withing the movie itself. The only one I was awake for was one about a plant. A family had just returned from holiday to find a strange beanstalk style plant growing up the front of the house. Long story short it was evil, murderous and self aware. I was about 3 years old and for most of my childhood I was terrified of plants, especially climbing plants.

Another movie I saw at around 5 or 6 (thanks mother) was called 'Don't look Now' another old one. the ending freaked me out so badly I had nightmares for months. To this day I still think that is one of the scariest movies I've seen.

Lastly, when I was about 15 there was a cinema that showed old or banned movies on a Friday night. I heard they were showing The Evil Dead. It had pretty much been banned everywhere was a 'video nasty' and I sneaked in to watch it. Little kid me thought that was the most horrifying, realistic movie ever. Watching that at such a young age messed me up badly.

Ironically now the Evil Dead is one of my favourites.

On a side note, i really loved that old cinema, they eventually showed Carrie, Videodrome, Dawn of the Dead, Jaws and Christine and lots of other movies. It was super cheap to get in as well and they didn't seem too fussed about age. Only thing was it was kind of grubby, the seats and floors were sometimes tacky and had sticky patches. Much later I discovered that they showed 'different' kinds of movies on other days. I never went back after finding that out.


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« Reply #1 on: 10:55:11 PM 05/01/18 »
Gah! I think your discovery of the reason behind the sticky floors is the real horror story here. That's the kind of knowledge that'll wash any nostalgia away.

I've never felt truly scared at a horror film. I've always found them more entertaining than terrifying. There was on instance though which I can still remember to this day. It's the scene in Terminator 2 when Sarah Connor is dreaming of the nuke hitting the city and she gets burned to a crisp. That scared the shit out of me when I was young. I had nightmares for years after of being outside and looking up to the sky to see a bomb dropping.

Moochin' about.