What is Creepypasta?
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Posted by CandleClock on: 11:17 PM, 11/ 7/16
I know this is probably the most stupid question you can ask on a board like this, and yet there are some things I' d like to know. What does makes a story a creepypasta in your mind? To give more directions, I'll propose some more questions.

1. Lenghth. Should creepypasta be short (think of Red and White or The Bad Dream) or it may get as long as things like Penpal, King Beau or Red Sky at Night?

2. Creepypasta and other genres of horror: what makes it different form mainstream stories, as well as from nosleep and other things like that?

3. The realism: how important it is? Should a story pretend to be an account of real life events? Can a purely escapist storyline remain creepy?

4. The characters: how important are stock characters (i.e. the Holders, Slender Man) for the creepypasta lore? Is (or should be) there any sort of "canon" surrounding these characters?

That's it for now.

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Posted by TheLawliet10 on: 10:43 PM, 11/25/16
I personally feel that length isn't a huge issue, but I feel like if a story is too long without any breaks it hurts the story because more details will be lost on the reader. Honestly, the details matter more than the length of a story.

What makes Creepypasta different from other forms of horror are the authors, the people that are fans of the genre themselves. Creepypasta is a simple genre to get into and enjoy, but it's a difficult one to find the better works in. It probably has the most amount of authors in any genre of writing, and they range from great to just plain horrible. Which is why Creepypasta has sort of split into a two different groups: mainstream Creepypasta and Ashcan horror (at least in my eyes). Mainstream seems to focus more on the 'icons' of the genre and the idea of how to get popular through horror (which includes narrators like MCP and shows like Channel Zero), while Ashcan focuses more critiquing and trying to keep the stories more based on realism.

Speaking of realism, I personally feel that stories should be focused on realism to a point. I feel that there should be details about things that ground the story in a sense of realism, that characters should know certain things and not know other things. I do, however, think that authors can put a good amount of obviously not real things in their stories. Ghosts, cults, weird and horrific events that obviously wouldn't happen in real life, that's all fine, as long as it has a reason to be there (ie, isn't just used for shock purposes) and as long as the story surrounding the events is realistic. The pure escapist story lines got us things like Jeff the Killer, while the more realistic stories got us Candle Cove.

As for characters, the stock characters, or the 'icons', honestly are not important. Using the same monster over and over, going through the same formula, that's a lot like Hollywood's current line of jump scare based 'horror' movies, or the Paranormal Activity movies. As a genre, we need to move on from them.

Posted by Deerpoob on: 03:00 PM, 01/ 2/17
To me Creepypasta can come in all sorts of length and genre because ultimately it's the delivery method more so than the story that makes something a creepypasta, creepypasta are campfire tales told on the internet rather than a campfire, plain and simple. Ashcan horror and No sleep are two different styles of creepypasta, just like lost episodes, rituals and all those other variously maligned/loved genres.  Nosleep is for ARG fanatics people that just want to have a bit of roleplay within the stories and imagine some greater horror world where creatures really do live under the bed and in the closet, tales that are portrayed as real but are not necessarily realistic and that is where the difference between nosleep and ashcan horror lies:

Nosleep wants you to believe it is real, Ashcan tries to convince you it is.  Spirituality vs Science.

Ultimately I don't care about realism as long as it is consistent, don't build up a story as mundane and then pull out a ghost right at the end (though the reverse can be done well) if you want me to get engrossed in your fantasy I'm totally down with that I love dreamscapes and strange worlds as much as I love stories about strange men hiding in the walls of an asylum whispering to the patients.

Finally characters....I like icons in theory, slenderman scared the hell out of me about 6 years ago but that time has passed, icon's shouldn't last longer than the good stories they are in.

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