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Posted by Thewatchercantsee on: 02:30 AM, 12/19/15
This isn't really creepy but it's kinda silly but heres a badly designed christmas website I found a while ago.

Also I use a mac so IDK how this is gonna work for people on PC  :P

Posted by Slimebeast on: 03:34 PM, 12/20/15
It looks a lot like a website that would reveal psychological horror once you clicked deep enough into it. XD

Posted by Nateshade on: 10:15 PM, 02/ 6/16
Here's one which I think is made by the same people.


Me: Jeff the Killer is a good Creepypasta.
Friend: Yeah, but only because most of the other ones are far, far worse. Like, bad Wattpad worthy crap.
Me: I agree, but had the author of Jeff the Killer elaborated a bit more, it could be a good novel. I like it.
Friend: Shut up Nateshade.